53 thoughts on “Kane Brown – Heaven”

    1. samson alook

      Hey what’s going on I’m coming to the closest of the line of the person that came out of nowhere it’s got to go somewhere else but nowhere I’m still here I’m still doing what I came I’m always a friend of mine I never in my mind but I’m still always aware where I’m at is that a pinnacle question or physical question to my brain answer that. That people Samson Daniel Alook.

  1. Stephanie Lyles

    This is my husband’s and my wedding song. We have been married for two years and we celebrated our second anniversary yesterday ?

    1. @Stephanie Lyles Impressive. Not too common these days. Congrats. Keep making sacrifices, some of us need hope.

    2. Thank you so much Stephanie And everyones that comment I sincerely hope you never stop listening to my music ???, season’s Greetings

  2. This is my dad’s favorite song… My dad is 38 years old and he passed away a couple days ago, and they let this song play during his funeral. Thank you for giving my dad a song he can cherish in Heaven now.

    Edit: Thank you all for giving me prayers, may god bless you all.

    1. I pray you are still going strong may God give you a thousand blessings this year HAPPY NEW YEARS

  3. Mike Wilson

    My wife loved this song she used to play it all the time, now I play it in memory of her.

    1. Jaelene Wilson

      My husband gave me this song he passed away 10 months ago never played it after but his grandson that he passed 3 months before he was born will cry for this song it’s crazier

  4. I LOVE IT ? I cry every time I see this especially when the soldier see and holds his baby for the 1stx. My father was military he saw me for the 1stxwhen I was 2yo. I remember a strange man grabbing me and squeezing me and crying just like it was this morning.I was 2yo I am 64 yo now that was 2960 -;2022??????

    1. Thanks for the love and support, I really appreciate it. I want to have a private conversation with you if that’s okay with you ?

  5. This is an amazing peace of music. He has a great voice and this is my first time hearing this. ? 2022

    1. Thanks ? so much for the love and support ???? comments like this are priceless …Are you one of my great fans out there?

    2. I really like your voice. I work in a Psychiatric facility and one of the clients want to be to play this song. That’s the first time I heard it and your voice.

    3. @Sonya Pina Am so happy to have such a
      wonderful Fan’s like you & &..I want to
      appreciate you all for the love and support you have showed me for years now ????????

      Are you private person?
      Can you chat me up on my GM ? Address to add you up to fan page list ?
      Can you keep it private? Try to get the GM ? Address correctly below this comment

  6. Shana Blair

    I pray we all find someone we can love like this and they feel the same about us this world is so cold we all need someone

  7. Charmaine Ward

    Love this song reminds me of mum who passed away in May – I believe she’s an angel now ? amazing voice

    1. Thank you so much Charmaine I sincerely hope you never stop listening to my music ???, season’s Greetings

    2. Sorry about your loss Charmaine. I pray you’re staying strong as possible and you stayed blessed!!

  8. I love this song so much that it’s amazing it makes me have a lot of love in my heart. Like I get butteries and super happy listening and singing to this song. My crush sings this song to me and I jump in and sing it with him and just get super happy and think, how lucky I am that I have a guy like this in my life right now cause he is so sweet and amazing and I love everything about him

    1. Herbert Robert

      Oh I see but I love this song till death will do me apart and i cry ? always I listen to this song I always miss my wife so painful ? and hope you are doing great tonight

  9. Emmalyn Moore

    I am addicted to this song. I love this song bc it sometimes takes the stress out of my body !.!

    1. Herbert Robert

      Me too and it’s a perfect song to listen ? and how are you doing and hope you are fine with peace and love over there ?

  10. tabatha Nolan

    My fiance loves this song!!!! I grew up listening to rap and pop, was not a fan of country music, now I sing this song with my fiance every time it plays!!!! It’s a great song, and it will be played at are wedding. Kane Brown hit a home run with this song!!!!, By the way what if, I can sing the whole song as well!!!!

  11. This song always lets you know where your feelings are, even if you didn’t think you had them ????

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