how to sing harmony

Learn How to Sing Harmony – 5 Secrets to Singing Harmony

The top singing groups make it look so simple, don’t they? I’m talking about singing parts. These vocalists make their voices seem almost like one instrument in tune. Don’t worry! When you learn how to sing harmony, your voice can blend in with others in your group too.

Now, those A Capella groups did not begin singing parts without training and lots of practice.

So, you do need to be willing to work at it to sing harmony with others.

But, it’s not impossible..

In this vocal training post, I’ll share 5 quick “secrets” to singing harmony like a pro.

how to sing harmony
Tips for learning how to sing harmony

Ready to Start a Vocal Group?  Better Learn How To Sing Harmony

In truth, harmony makes most recorded songs sound so alluring and rich.

And, harmony makes melodies more delightful and enchanting.

When you blend two or more voices together, the sound is more intriguing than a single voice alone.

Singing Harmony Seems Very Simple But ..

If you try to learn how to sing harmony, you might find it challenging.

But, if you are serious about developing the art of singing harmony, take the learning curve seriously.

So, my first vocal tip below is to try and find a practice partner…

1- Vocalize Harmony with a Friend

It is far more difficult to learn how to sing harmony when practicing on your own. A partner (especially an experienced singer) can help you tune your voice and blend.

Feedback takes you to the next level quickly.

But, if you are unable to find someone to practice with, there are other options.

2- Sing Along with Recorded Tracks

Many people in the music world claim that they have achieved good results by singing along with recorded vocals.

So, do a search online to find tracks with the backing vocals removed.

Just like karaoke, you can sing and fill in the blanks.

One benefit to using tracks is that the music is dead-on in tune. So, you tackle two obstacles at once.

3- Listen While You Learn Harmony Singing

When you try to harmonize, I recommend that you record yourself singing.

This way, you can play it back and check how it sounds.

Quite often, you may feel like you are harmonizing properly while you are singing.

But, when you play it back, you find your vocals are not really in harmony.

At the very least, recording your voice gives you the feedback you need to learn harmony.

4- “I Can’t Hear Me!”

Another recommended vocal technique is to cover one of your ears while you are singing harmony.

In this way, you’ll hear more easily what you sound like to others.

What you hear in your head isn’t always the same as what others hear. Try this one now!

5- My “Broken Record” – Practice Some More..

how to sing harmony
Cover one of your ears when singing harmony.”

Do you really want to learn how to sing harmony?

If your answer is yes, then the best way to do it is through study & practice.

If you put in an honest effort, you begin to hear the results you want.

Like any other skill, learning, enthusiasm, and work will help you reach your goal.

And remember, your end goal is to sing harmony for enjoyment.

This remains true no matter if you want to sing professionally – or perform in the city choir.

Now, go for it!

Take Your Harmony Singing to the Next Level

learn how to sing harmony
learn how to sing harmony

There is more than one way to learn how to sing harmony – or to get other vocal training you need.

One way is to hire a singing coach but this could get expensive.

Another is to purchase home courses such as Singorama. This plan will take you step by step to better singing and the cost is very affordable.

So you’ll have all the information you need, I wrote this quick review of Singorama for you.

==> Read my Singorama reviews now..

Either way, training your voice for harmony takes some time and effort. So, be prepared to start at the beginning and work your way up to a better singing voice. Then, try out your new harmony singing skills. – Bob Pardue

Final Tip: Always be ready to learn more about singing harmony or solo so you can keep your voice in top-notch shape. See you again soon!

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