Learn Keyboard Notes – How to Play Piano

Ever looked at a piano or keyboard and wondered if you could play? It’s always possible if you’re willing to put in some time and effort. This is just a quick tutorial about how to learn keyboard notes and I hope you will benefit and enhance your music reading skills.

Natural and Sharp Keyboard Notes

On a keyboard, the white keys are the “natural” notes, and the black keys are the “sharp” and “flat” notes. Naturals, sharps and flats are discussed more in Key Signatures.

Middle C, discussed in Notes on Staves, is a natural (white) key, and is close to the middle key of a piano, which has 88 keys. Many keyboards and organs maintain less than 88 keys, but the identical basic rule applies.

As you’ll note (especially if you’re looking at a keyboard), not all notes have sharps or flats (there’s no C or F flat, nor is there B or E sharp).

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More about Learning the Notes on a Keyboard

Learning how to play a musical instrument is one of the most rewarding experiences that a person can go through. Allowing yourself the creative power to emulate the music that you love, to interact with it is one of the most joyful experiences you can have.

Can You Play the Piano?

Nowhere is that more the case then after you learn keyboard notes so you can play like so many others before you. If you learn to play piano, you can almost literally play any song. Here are some reasons why and some tips for you to learn to play piano.

If you like music and want to start with a musical instrument, I strongly recommend that you learn to play piano.

Why? Well, first of all, if you learn keyboard notes to begin with, you can most likely  learn how to play almost any other fingered instrument. Playing piano requires reading nearly twice as much music as any other instrument.

While Learning Keyboard Notes – Understand Harmony

Furthermore, playing piano means have a better understanding of harmony and melody, as you must play piano with two hands, often working independently of each other.

Why a Piano Teacher?

One thing about learning to read is that you almost certainly need to take lessons with a piano teacher.

First of all, a piano instructor can help you learn how to read music. Reading music, like reading in a foreign language, takes a long time and commitment to learn how to do properly, and is best done in the company of someone that has already done so.

Why? They can help you pick up tips more quickly, as well as correct your mistakes in a more timely fashion.

Also, having a piano teacher teach you how to play the piano will also give you the chance to learn how a professional piano player would approach a measure or melody without trying to figure it out yourself.

Finally, a music instructor can understand what books, lessons and pieces are appropriate to your skill level. They know what will challenge you and what will only frustrate you as you learn piano notes.

Advantages of Learning Keyboard Notes

Regardless of the actual method you take, there is a lot of positives to learning sheet music to apply to your keyboard.

I suppose you could choose not to take lessons and instead try to teach yourself, either methodically or by ear. I would not recommend this for people who are serious about learning music. A teacher can invaluable as you learn keyboard notes.

learn keyboard notesPlaying the keyboard and learning how to read sheet music is a great skill and lots of fun and if your heart is into it, you will enjoy it as well. Now, go back to the top and learn your first notes on a keyboard to get started if you plan to do this online.

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