Michael Jackson WORKIN’ DAY AND NIGHT Original Multitracks (Listening Session & Analysis)

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Turning back the clock and having a look at some earlier material creates a great deal of perspective as we get compare and contrast Michael's approach throughout his career.

He was so incredibly accomplished, confident and musical at such a young age… It's fun to hear how the same tendencies and techniques that got their start in the "Off The Wall" era took on different flavors as he got older.

We hear beatboxing, all sorts of rhythmic breathing and 'dancing with the voice' in these multitracks, but there is a rawness and kid-like freshness to what he's doing here.

Join me for 48 tracks of multitrack goodness as we get to hear horns, keys, all sorts of percussion, and of course… The diverse layering, adlibs and performances of Michael himself.

You must go back to the source to hear all the incredible detail and that's exactly what we get to do!

36 thoughts on “Michael Jackson WORKIN’ DAY AND NIGHT Original Multitracks (Listening Session & Analysis)”

  1. I always love these! My favorite song of all time is “Who is it” by Michael Jackson so it would be amazing if you could do that one at some point, Chris! Thanks for your hard work!

    1. @Chris Liepe Wow, thanks so much for the response, Chris! The collection of MJ songs you have right now is pretty amazing so we can’t fault Cirque du Soleil, because apparently they have a pretty great collection of songs.

      It would be so interesting to hear you break down a song like “Who is it” not just because it’s my favorite, but because it’s tonely quite deep, just like “2000 Watts” for example.

      Keep up the amazing work! Much appreciated!

    2. @SkillJim Yooooooo, SkillJim liking Michael Jackson, Sonic and SEGA?! This cannot be a coincidence #michaeljacksoncomposedsonic3 😛

  2. Gleydson Barboza

    Congratulations on your excellent work Chris!!! You’re just laying out in detail why MJ is the greatest of all time.

  3. Finlay Kingdon

    Absolutely love these MJ listening sessions. Would love to hear Man In The Mirror if possible as it’s one of the jewels in the crown of Michael’s catalogue when it comes to the musicianship on show throughout. Love the perspectives given from a talented musician such as yourself aswell ??

  4. Rough N Tumble Productions

    Thank you for doing this song! One of my all time favorites! Looking forward to you maybe one day doing ‘Remember the Time’

  5. Millisecond Falcon

    Thank you, Chris. It’s lovely to hear you laugh at some of Michael’s vocalisations – it shows just how much fun you have listening to these! My favourite part of this track is from 18:44 where his vocals compliment the instrumentation so well. Can I be bold and ask that you unmute some of the music tracks more often, just so we can hear how well the vocals accompany them in places like this? Thank you!

  6. Michael was one of the few artists that was able to transition from head resonance to chest resonance in a seamless fashion without you being able to gauge where he is because of something he had to do when his voice changed between 1973 and 75.. between those years he had to utilize what is called a vocal hiccup in order to reach some of the written composition ranges of the Motown pop writers at the time. There was some time that he had to spend with artists like Stevie Wonder to learn the mechanics of how his new voice should be and that is evident in songs that was not released. one Stevie Wonder wrote and actually played on was called” buttercup” it was song by The Jacksons and Michael sang Lead but you can clearly hear this is the beginning of when he learned how to change from head resonance to chest residence because of the way he needed to sing the songs for motown.. I think 1976 is when the Jackson signed to the Philadelphia sound and that really allowed him to be a vocal acrobat with his reincarnated voice and being the predecessor to the voice that finally bloomed into what was “off the wall”, which I think was his best singing performances out of all of his albums!!. Michael was a mixture of all artists rolled into one because you can hear the grunt that Stevie Wonder may showed him how to eventually perfect and incorporate that into what will become his own singing voice!!..

  7. Watching Chris just trip out on these MJ vocals is just great. Like I said on previous videos i really thought I was the only one in the world taking a liking to learn about technical vocals and dissecting the cause I have these vocals too. But to see Chris. Love it. He’s had videos and also he’s teachings. They do work and help. Chris Is legit

    1. Chris Liepe

      Thanks so much for continuing to engage with me! This is what makes it fun!! …Well that and the amazing music!!

  8. 1. Off the Wall is my favorite Mike album.
    2. Though I was only born one month before this release, hearing these sessions makes me feel like I was there at Westlake.

  9. Additionally, I thank you for pointing out the tonal “perfections” of today’s music. I will intentionally allow artists to be “off” in their vocal performances when I produce them.

  10. Matthew Allen

    14:14 Yo! That’s MJ’s natural chest voice! Holy Hell, that’s high! THIS is what I point to when the press try to crown the next Michael Jackson or the next King of Pop. Can they do THIS?

  11. Cookie Thatchick

    This is awesome. Have you listened to the home demo of this song? It’s really stripped down like an unplugged version. Janet is helping sing background and one of his brothers is helping with some of the instruments. And Michael doesn’t even have all the words ready. He just adlibs uses runs. A lot of improv lol. It’s so cool.

  12. INTEGRE8T Wellness

    You should do MJ’s “Give In To Me” from the Dangerous album. It’s a complete gem that got slept on, and his dynamics are so emotive.

  13. This is the one I have been waiting for. That breathy opening, the clicks, the snaps. It was the tightest song of its time. a plus it sounds like he had a ball making that song. You could hear the freedom he had just gain as a solo artist. The ending is where you really hear his joy, his happiness in Hahhha, Hoooo, Hahhha, take it over! You can just see him dancing while sing, smiling and loving it. This is the one song I always go back to when I want to hear him happy and free.

    1. I always felt that way about ORW! You’re hear he’s excited about his freedom. On Thriller he was out for blood. He had a point to prove.

  14. Eric Taylor

    Great musicians make their instrument sound like a human voice. Great singers make their voices sound like a musical instrument.

  15. Brenda wiener

    This is yet another MJ song that makes me uncontrollably move my body, simply can’t sit still and I love that!

  16. Virgil Blaze

    And to think Rolling Stone Magazine ranked Michael Jackson at 86 out of the 200 best singers of all time. Granted, there are many great vocalists out there, but Michael is criminally overlooked when it comes to his vocal ability. These breakdown videos confirm that.

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