most beautiful/so in love – joseph solomon (maverick city cover)

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this is my acoustic cover of "Most Beautiful / So In Love" worship song by Maverick City worship

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59 thoughts on “most beautiful/so in love – joseph solomon (maverick city cover)”

  1. Joseph Solomon

    i ain’t e’en gon’ lie to y’all. i may need to make a video where i just loop that falsetto intro part over and over. “most beautiful. most beautifuuuul” ???

    1. Stormchild 17

      Your encouraging me tonight…I needed this tonight brother ??. God’s timing is something to behold.

  2. Joseph Solomon

    PSA: hey y’all. glad y’all are loving the covers! who woulda knew?? i don’t upload music covers to spotify/apple music. on youtube, that’s cool. but i don’t wanna be known as the “cover guy” because i actually write and sing my own songs. if that means less clout/plays on spotify then so be it. but i don’t want my most popular plays on there to be songs i did not write. these will only exist on youtube. my new EP “Find Me” is streaming everywhere.

    1. ANI Ocean AKA Garcia

      If you’re reading this I love you ??

      Where is the meet & greet after the pandemic gonna be at?

    2. Chants or Rants with Adrin

      Use ur voice to worship God just like u doing here but full time that’s y u got that gift

    3. Eduardo José

      I listened the yours 7 musics in Deezer, but I prefer continue listening in Youtube, because here yours musics are more acoustic than in Deezer. haha Thanks for your voice Bro.

      P.S.: I’m from Brazil, and I don’t speak English very well. haha

  3. adoRebelstyle

    I just pictured this as a wedding song for a couple who followed God’s leading and found their life mate?

    1. I need to invite Joseph at my wedding! I have been thinking about it from the other day with these amazing covers he been dropping.

  4. I’ve been suffering from depression and complicated grief for a while now and I’ve been feeling dead inside lately. And I gotta say that hearing this made me feel alive for the first time in a long time. It was speaking to the deepest parts of me. Thank you, it’s beautiful.

    1. If you’re His (regenerate- born-again), He won’t let go even when you cannot hold on! In the “Dark Night Of The Soul” you feel completely abandoned and He is allowing it to happen, but that does not mean He has abandoned you. In fact, it means He’s watching you even closer. It’s hard for us to reconcile such things with limited and temporal wisdom but He is sovereign and His purpose is not arbitrary or in vain. Trust me…I know! There is nothing more to be said except I shed tears for you because I know what it’s like to be in that place.

    2. Tommy Pikles

      It’s been five months brother but I hope your holding on strong. May the Lord bless you and keep you may his face shine upon you and be gracious to you. May his countinces be lifted on you and his Shalom his peace Perfect, whole, complete, nothing lacking, nothing missing be yours in the name of Jesus Christ AMEN

    3. Gabriela Crespo

      You got this! It’s hard sometimes, but nothing is impossible with God. Give everything to him. Your anxiety, your depression, and everything. He’s got you! He loves you! Keep going??

    4. Mbali Mahlangeni

      Relating to this post so much right now. Broke down into tears as I read this comment and listening to this song.

  5. 10 seconds of your singing and I instantly searched for you on Apple Music. Downloaded your EP and can’t wait to listen to it. Love from Czech Republic.

  6. It can be easy to get so sucked into this world of materialistic and meaningless ways. As a college student, I am especially struggling with my walk with God, and my walk into a healthier and meaningful life. I want to thank you for allowing this song to remind me of my blessings and my BEAUTIFUL father in heaven. ??

    1. Luthando Zulu

      I too am a university student and can definitely agree that it’s easy to loose yourself in the world. But there is so much peace in the Lord, just turn back to him and dwell in his word (the bible).

    2. Hi fellow students??
      I truly feel blessed to be at Uni. It is the best thing I have ever done. I am 42. I began education at 39… after a head injury that resulted in multiple large strokes. The Lord works in mysterious ways? I had nothing. I now have everything I need, and more. It took a long time, but I have never been happier. I graduate in March. I wish you all the best in your studies, life & love.

  7. That Girl Ogechi

    i literally just sat in the shower, turned this on, and cried. this walk with Christ isn’t easy but i’m definitely going to continue walking it. Thank you so much Joseph ?

    1. Alexa Lopez

      Ik its been along time since you commented but i hope God continues filling you with the boldness, peace, and joy he has to give you! Galations 2:20? if Jesus is living inside you, what is there greater than He to stop you?? Nothing 🙂

    2. Casting NaySayers

      May the good Lord bless you,keep you,make his face shines upon you and give you peace…

  8. I literally have refused to listen to worship songs for a long time because of PTSD associated with working at a church, but your covers have slowly drawn me into your worship covers and I’m here for it. This is as close to church as I am going to get. Please keep doing what you’re doing! Also, your plant game is ?? Oh and your guitar game is on point to! Would you ever share your gear on the instrument side?

  9. 2DworldBajangirl

    Mashup lyrics

    Most beautiful, most beautiful (x 1)

    Everything changes, I’m captivated
    I’ll never be the same, with just one look
    Everything changes, I’m captivated
    I’ll never be the same..

    One thing I desire, only this I seek
    Is to dwell, dwell, dwell here forever
    This will be my posture, laying at Your feet
    Just to dwell, dwell, dwell here forever

    Dearest Father, closest friend
    Most beautiful, most beautiful (x 1)

    One thing I desire, only this I seek
    Just to dwell, dwell, dwell here forever
    This will be my posture, oh, laying at Your feet
    Just to dwell, dwell, dwell here forever

    Dearest Father, closest friend
    Most beautiful, most beautiful
    Most beautiful, most beautiful

    I fix my eyes on You, You’re beautiful
    So beautiful
    I’m so in love with You, You’re beautiful
    So beautiful (x 1)

    So beautiful, so beautiful (x 1)

    Most beautiful, most beautiful (x 1)

    I just wanna wait, I just wanna dwell.. (x 1)
    I just wanna wait on you my God
    I just wanna dwell in who You are (x 1)

    Just one look

    Everything changes, I’m captivated I’ll never be the same
    With just one look
    Everything changes, I’m captivated I’ll never be the same…

  10. Queen Shimona

    This exact version was our wedding first dance song, such a beautiful moment in the presence of God ?

  11. I came across this cover through my 4yr old son. I was feeling dead inside one day as I was driving, my four year old played this cover on his iPad. Lord knew what I needed and how I needed it at that moment. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

  12. Morgan Scharper

    I just had this played as I walked down the aisle at my wedding this weekend. It was perfect ?

  13. Lauren Rincon

    just was silent listening to this at night and i mean praying and shouting out to God is nice and all, but just being silent in the presence is another kind of wonderful

  14. Evan LaMascus

    Definitely feel God’s presence in this song. It’s easy to doubt, but then things like this radiate his love through it.

  15. Gediminas Kovas

    One day I will record my baby girl who is two listening your voice! She’s closed her eyes and slowly moving her head like she would swim in sound waves! We are your fans ??

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