74 thoughts on “Neuro-sama Sings Coldplay Viva La Vida”

    1. Richard Brooks Shnee

      Honestly he needs to re-sample the audio generated by the program with the voice multiple times. It should force a more reasonable sounding voice. But unless he gets a singer with a closer voice to hers using her pronunciation to sample against it will probably always sound off to us.

    1. @Triosci Ank Liquitand then a vtuber decided to install nanomachines into their body. Symbiosis.

  1. Nene's Apostle [8th Apostle of the Twelve]

    If Vedal keeps this up, Neuro will become a massive vtuber for real… What world are we living in?

    1. Simone Bellomonte

      @Cookiedible Yeah but Gura brought another boom if anything. Hell I didn’t even know wtf hololive and vshojo were before gura or amelie.

    1. same, when I went to karaoke with friends I actually couldnt help myself but to sing “upon pillars of salt,pillars of salt, pillars of salt, pillars of salt,pillars of salt…”

  2. Punishing Birb

    Wait, it fucking sings now? It’s becoming too powerful. How long until it has sentient thought?

    1. @megal – theres a easy workaround for that
      Machines Know what’s right from wrong, and machines can deduct what to feel given a response

      They will never have complex and confusing feelings like humans because its a waste of time but basically they know they can hurt you if they call you Smelly
      This is something all chatbots and even Neurosama already does

    2. ?@Daniel Cruz I think this is still quite far from the truth. I think it is more likely to be 45-80 years off. It heavily depends on the survival of technology as we advance into more uncertain times.

      I mean this in many ways, but mostly the slow down of advancement of compute. As we near theoretical limits, either things need to get bigger or they need to fundementally change.

    3. @Tyson F I disagree. Anyone who ascribes sentience to such a simple AI is either unaware of how AI works, or simply misguided.

      Even the tests for sentience are somewhat lacking since we don’t even understand what sentience really is yet.

    4. Großer Hahn

      The event’s of Ghost in the Shell took place in 2029. That’s in 6 years.
      In case you’ve lived under a rock for the last 40 years and don’t know the plot of Ghost in the shell, it’s basically about an AI that has a malfunction and reaches consciousness. It…or “they” then demands human rights.
      It’s kinda crazy how the writer wasn’t that far off the (forseeable) reality we’ll have in 6 years from now.
      Well only when it comes to the core idea of artificial consciousness, of course. I’m pretty sure humanity won’t have cool cybernetically modified bodies that are able to withstand grenade detonations in 6 years. Which is a huge shame.

  3. Ulta Nagenki

    Just can’t stop thinking about how far this all is. Strange thinking ai was more farther away than it was because I usually didn’t get involved. Now using art ai to create some cool and cute image and watching a fucking Vtuber play Minecraft and sing. What. Now my only hope is to use a ai to create voice lines from my favorite voice actress. If I can do that I feel like we’ve reached somethings amazing, truly awe in it’s use.

    1. Ulta Nagenki

      @StrawHaaton I’ve looked at a few but I can’t really understand the things I see with ai and github items. I’ve tried in the past but usually get ‘filtered’ by the strange things I have to do, mainly cmd things I think if I remember.

    2. StrawHaaton

      @Ulta Nagenki oh. strangely, I never thought about the possibility of someone with little background in open source projects/command lines being interested in AI. I’m baffled by my tunnel vision right now. I guess in my mind I’m severely underestimating how mainstream AI has gotten

    3. Ulta Nagenki

      @StrawHaaton it’s okay, it’s just, I’ve tried to understand programming in the past, even successfully ran a private server for a game I love by following stuff people done on forums but programming just doesn’t click in my mind. Probably a reason why I’m a welder instead of, I don’t know, data organizer or something. But yeah, I’m just fascinated by A.I.s and there abilities when done at a point where I can’t tell if it’s truly not human made. I mean, it is but not of flesh and bone. Voices still need a bit of work but almost everything else now is just at that level where it passes the uncanny and if done right, could be matched with man in both in it’s creativity and just feel. My words alone can’t describe what wonders these little bits can turn into but I only could wish to share that feeling of awe. And awe in it’s true sense unlike that of mans first flight. Chills at that ai singing. We are so close.

    4. StrawHaaton

      @Ulta Nagenki I totally understand. I share your same fascination, because my research has only been A.I.-adjacent rather than full-blown A.I. I know just enough theory to understand certain topics, but just little enough to be completely blown away by the current advancements.

  4. they need to get automod to auto delete or ban the word “forsen” because the chat is getting so unbearable, i miss the brief period of time when it was mostly a mix of osu fans and indie vtuber fans in her chat, now it’s becoming annoying twitch normies. Still, it’s nice to see how fast Neuro-sama is advancing, she’s like a real vtuber at this point

  5. LoopHole Music

    We need her covers of:
    – Lost Kitten
    – Sad Machine
    – Shelter
    – Goodbye to a world
    and more, I just can’t remember them all rn. I’ll add more.

  6. Endymion766

    probably shouldve increased her pitch an octave. she sounds like her own older brother in this.

  7. Pro tip for Vedal:
    use female covers to get the pitches next time
    will do her much better with the apropriate harmonics

  8. Rainbow Nati

    It’s amazing how she blew up from this small osu! experiment years ago into a massive legend in the VTubing world, so much so that even Asmongold had to address it, and he rarely even touches the subjects of VTubers…

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