46 thoughts on “Ordering McDonald’s as ARIANA GRANDE??”

  1. Peter Mwangi

    Don’t worry about what people think??, from my perspective – youuu did that ???????????? , loving the vocals?, keep it up sis?.

  2. Yousif Alani

    The “im really hungry tho” made me chock of laughter (reaching my dream 100 likes ?)

  3. Bro third hand embarrassment when they went “I’m hanging up the phone don’t ever call this number again”
    Idc if it’s fake it’s just imagining how embarrassing that would be ?

  4. XxsunshiinexX

    Everyone: talking about her singing
    Me: Why does she have Mcdonald’s saved on her contacts?

    1. I wouldn’t add McDonald’s to my contacts but I definitely have a pizza place and Chinese food place in my contacts.

  5. Beautiful voice but I don’t think ARIANA Grande would sing her order to the McDonald’s employee to order her chickens nuggets

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