47 thoughts on “Ordering pizza as ?ARIANA GRANDE?”

  1. What singers should I do next? Let me know in the comments and be sure to follow my ig @roseangelxc for more vids <3 LOVE YALL!!!

    1. ?@Maria Mendes. Its an italian word u dumb. Even tho it also exists in portuguese, her nane is italian.

  2. XxLuvly_ArielxX

    At the end, you should have went, “I’m picking it up, I’m picking it up, in 10 minutes I’m picking it up”

  3. Aww the pizzaria lady’s giggle at the end was adorable ?
    You sing so well, rose! I bet you made her day ?

  4. I love the laugh when the girl says her order will be ready in thirty minutes and she says ms. Ariana Grande

  5. I was sitting in my living room, listening to this shorts with my dad in the same room, when he asked me if that was actually ariana Grande. I said “no, its a girl that sounds like her”.

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