42 thoughts on “Ordering Starbucks as BILLIE EILISH???”

  1. ??MintyChip??

    Can we appreciate Joe the Starbucks employee was so nice! Like she tolerated the whole thing! 🙂

  2. Kayleigh_spamzz5

    Literally love how the same person talks every time for every fast food place she calls and how it’s saved as a contact ??

  3. Starbucks girl doesn’t get paid enough for this waiting to get the order waiting to stop singing but has alot of ppl in line waiting for her and hearing how she sings

  4. Fatima Ashoor

    You have an amazing voice and have an amazing impression on Billie’s voice but you do realize that if billie orderd from Starbucks she would talk in her normal voice, maby you could of done a voice impression of Billie’s voice not her voice when she sings ???????? no offence tho, love your vids

    1. @happier than ever and I loved it when it turned green because Billie elish is green she loves it

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