Proof that cheating works: Veil Of Maya’s Lukas Magyar

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Veil of Maya's Lukas Magyar has a ridiculously huge vocal range! …And he's able to navigate around it with freedom and power for more than 15 years. During tours and long recording sessions, he still has access to his high notes in all their glory… Day in and day out.

He's worked hard, but that hard work alone didn't get him to where he's at. He CHEATED 🙂

…And you can too! Watch listen and learn as Lukas details the three biggest shortcuts he used to develop amazing, well-supported, free high notes!

28 thoughts on “Proof that cheating works: Veil Of Maya’s Lukas Magyar”

  1. A great on Chris! Thanks again! You’re the best here on YouTube! And the most educational as well

  2. whaleblueprs

    I’ve been using the scale from your “Foolproof Daily WARMUP for Singing High” video and ascending it chromatically. My comfortable range is about a whole step beneath yours and I do well starting in either Bb or A, depending on the day. I chromatically work my way up until I can get a D5 for the high note. What’s cool for me about C and D is I can sing 3 octaves of the scale because I can almost always get a D2 pretty consistently. Nice to see the tie-in in this video.

    Lip trills/bubbles work the same way as humming.

    Throwing my voice higher isn’t something I do much at all. I’m not actively involved in music anymore but do sing in the car etc. I’ll add throwing in and see what kind of discoveries I can make from that. Another terrific video Chris (and Lukas)!

  3. Hi…I don’t think “throwing” for vocal range is a good idea; too harsh for me (I’ve sung professionally)..but Chris, your video on getting over Covid-voice (I’ve had ‘tinsel’ in one part of my range) has helped; walking around the house; “Speeeeeew”, etc.Thanks!?

  4. Caden Kirkpatrick

    Chris I’d love to see a video about Jessie Leach! I know you’ve already done Howard Jones from Killswitch Engage but Jessie is just a powerhouse metal vocalist! Love your content man!

  5. Jacob Haynes

    My wife walked in on me watching this and thought I was watching some weird kinky stuff in the middle of the day.

  6. Joshua Ireland

    Lukas clearly has the chops and tone dialed in for his genre. It’s really impressive. But, I have to give you props Chris, you sound like yourself whereas I think Lukas’s sound could easily be confused with a variety of metalcore, emo, pop punk, and other 2000s post-grunge style vocalists. It’s great hearing both of your styles and what influences shine through.

  7. Sauvii Sinew

    the magyars were great hungarian nomad warriors , they used awesome horn bows in war 🙂

  8. AxonRiseMusic

    How do singers in this genre always get such awesome grit?! Especially when they go up high

  9. Lukas this is gold!! The part where you cracked on purpose makes alot of sense slowing it down and working on that area until you get it. Awesome

  10. toastwithjam

    Good stuff. I do this all of the time. My voice has developed a natural grit over time. I also try to not forget to steam my chords to directly hydrate them

  11. Conflict Choir

    great video as always – would love to see an analysis of Jay Buchanan from Rival sons one day ??

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