Proud Mary – Creedence Clearwater Revival – cover – Tori Matthieu – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

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Proud Mary – Creedence Clearwater Revival – cover – Tori Matthieu – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Creedence. One of my all time favorite groups.

You know one of the things I love most about Creedence? Yes of course the amazing song writing and raw musicianship. But I'd like you to take a look at something:

This is a list of of a few of Creedence hits:

Bad Moon Rising
Born on the Bayou
Down on the Corner
Fortunate Son
Green River
Have You Ever Seen The Rain?
Lookin' Out My Back Door
Proud Mary
Run Through the Jungle
Susie Q
Travelin' Band
Up Around the Bend
Who'll Stop The Rain?

and many others.

But here's what I want you to notice:

If you look at writing and recording credits of a pop song today, on one song, you will usually see 4+ different writers, several engineers, a couple producers, a slew of studio musicians spread out over several recording studios taking weeks and even months to record one song!

Of most all these CCR hits, all songs were written by one guy – John Fogerty – (with a couple small exceptions) AND was recorded by the same 4 band members IN THE SAME STUDIO in an extremely short period of time! AND these songs have been played by FM/AM radio with regularity since 1972!

This is true musicianship / songwriting folks.

Here at KTVA, we appreciate real music and artistry, and it is our goal to grow great vocalists of every genre.

I think Tori did a stellar job.

What say you? 🙂

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Here are more videos by Tori:

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33 thoughts on “Proud Mary – Creedence Clearwater Revival – cover – Tori Matthieu – Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy”

  1. Joshua Blanco

    I’m only 15 but Creedence Clearwater is my favorite band of all time and John Fogerty’s voice is just so amazing

    1. Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

      Joshua Blanco Smart guy! Glad you’re listening to some pioneering music. There is a lot of really great music out there, don’t be afraid to expose yourself to it.

  2. When i was 3 years old, no lie, this song was one of the first songs i learned to sing. My family had several professional musicians, including my grandfather who sounded very much like frank sinatra. He also sang a few 60s and 70s songs; this being one of them. I think Tori did a wonderful job and equally important, she looked like she was having a lot of fun. I hope you share more videos of her.

  3. love this girl’s voice . the timbre and smokiness .. would love to hear her do a Janis Joplin tune

  4. I love her voice!! Soulful, can tell a story with a song! If she had a album out, it buy it! Giving away my age with “album”!!! But she’s just amazing! Not many women can pull a voice off like this. I’ve already listened to this several times over.

  5. Great voice! Perfect vibrato. I would like to hear her be just a little more POWERFUL singing this powerful piece of music?

  6. Daithi Molloy

    It’s a very rare occasion that you come across pure raw talent like this . Great cover

    1. It seems to me like a lot of hard work with a good maestro like Ken Templin + talent. Btw great job, Tori+Ken.

  7. Lovely in every possible way! Nice tone and she sings wisely within her range, cute as hell and she genuinely feels the song. Ya did well with this one Ken 🙂 Love your stuff – thank you for sharing.

  8. gingercat555

    A CLASS singer … so easy to listen too … the look on her face says just how much she is enjoying performing this song … now in my favorites 100%

  9. Bob Sternvogel

    Tori is a delight to watch and listen to! Love the “air guitar” and other motions she makes — it’s obvious she’s having fun as she sings. I’ll be checking out more of her work!

  10. Mario Taboada

    This lady has it all… With voice, Talent, skill, and damn good looks, this lady is well down the road to success! Nevertheless, this classic song, from a classic, classic time… I just got to say, nobody will ever do it again the way Tina Turner did it!

    1. Well, she is actually doing a remake of the CCR version (which is the ORIGINAL version, by the way), not Tina’s highwire version.

  11. Proud Mary, l’une des mes chansons prĂ©fĂ©rĂ©es de Creedence Clearwater Revival. Je ne me lasse pas d’Ă©couter et de regarder l’excellente interprĂ©tation de Tori Matthieu qui honore cet excellent groupe. A quand d’autres reprises de CCC ?

  12. Vanderlei Huff ( Chiquinho)

    Beautiful song, striking and the interpretation is perfect fills the soul with joy, congratulations I loved it.

  13. Tori Mattieu what a talent and an amazing Natural Beauty ?. I love this CCR song and her performance of this was Great ?

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