Queen Extravaganza – Marc Martel – How To Sing Like Freddie Mercury

Queen Extravaganza's Marc Martel on how to sing like Freddie Mercury.

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Queen Extravaganza – Marc Martel – How To Sing Like Freddie Mercury

63 thoughts on “Queen Extravaganza – Marc Martel – How To Sing Like Freddie Mercury”

  1. Indiana Jones

    He actually helped in the making of the new Bohemian Rhapsody movie about Queen in the singing parts and they mashed up his and Freddie’s voice and the actor that plays Freddie – for anyone that wanted to know x

    1. For the live singing, it’s marc. But for the studio singing, it’s all freddie. Especially the scene where freddie auditioned on the spot to be part of brian and roger’s band, that’s live singing and it’s obviously marc’s.

    2. blehabigail

      Kalina Pietrzak not true, they used Freddie’s live vocals for Rami Malek to lip sing to

  2. It’s scary how exact you sound like Freddie at times. The way you can replicate the various years of his voice. If I close my eyes it’s as if you ARE him. I’m so happy the film had you on board for the acapella bits. The ‘happy birthday’ and ‘love of my life’ bits gave me chills. It honestly felt like they’d found long lost secret recordings of him.

    I can see why they have Adam touring with them (I’ve seen him live and he’s fantastic, he really captures the showmanship that Freddie has without trying to be him). BUT. I do wish you could do one big recorded concert with Queen. I’d love to just close my eyes and imagine Freddie there as your voice is STUNNING. So SO good.

    1. same here, i was amazed of how they had delt with certain challenges in the movie and now i understand it was you! How amazing good you did this. Even stupid people like a toby shitty gaffney would not have heard the difference.

    1. David Sarnevitz

      soul4music79 there is a reason that for the movie Bohemian Rhapsody, they used Marc Martel’s voice to cover some of the music in the movie. And who are you to declare that “no one” should ever try to sing like Freddie? Why wouldn’t you want to celebrate and continue on his music.
      “Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery” Oscar Wilde said that. I find it shocking that you claim to be a “huge Queen fan” but you think no one should ever sing like Freddie. Why are you salty? This is a guy that likes to sing and share music. You seriously have nothing better to do that whine about someone making music on YouTube? Gtfo

    2. must gree tor

      @Emi Jašková joke doesn’t get in your head right?

      If you can’t saying good thing then just don’t say anything

    1. deep inside deez

      @Gavriel Musheyev ye bet your working at mcdonalds .at least I’m getting my degrees in tech and business

    2. Gavriel Musheyev

      @deep inside deez Okay buddy, is your degree in Brawl Stars? Imagine getting a degree but still making tutorials on a kids game.

    3. Amir Sarwari

      No one has to.
      we had a freddy.
      Now we want new artists. everyone is unique in thier own way!

  3. Hailtheprophet

    70s Freddie and 80s Freddie are both so different but so perfect, the feminine sharpness of the 70s and the raw macho of the 80s.

  4. This guy not only sounds like Freddie but he has the courage to sing full volume in front of a camera. I applaud him.

  5. No, bro. You were born with that voice. It’s a natural voice you’ve got. Even a person copy or do like Freddie’s voice, it’s not gonna be the same as yours. Keep it up, brother! I salute you. You kept Freddie alive!

  6. Discerning voices is sort of my super power. You can play a word or two to me and I can always ID who said it (as long as I know the voice). This guy is the first and only person I can say that sounds 90-95% perfect pitch Freddie Mercury. When I see people saying he does not sound like Freddie, I think they are either tone deaf or its some sort of hero-worship denial thing.

  7. I think he’s right about the bone structure, nasal cavity, etc. It does effect the resonance. The fact that Marc can also do George Michael shows he is an incredibly gifted vocalist. This is a great information. He can go from zero to nailing some of the runs you have to lead up to with ease. Marc is amazing. Utterly amazing.

  8. OK Boomer NYC

    Good God, you are blessed with an amazing voice and talent – tears come to my eyes when you sing – and I think its Freddie.

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