Randy Travis – On The Other Hand (Official Audio)

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Randy Travis – On The Other Hand (Official Audio)

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Warner Music Nashville’s Randy Travis is a country and gospel music icon whose legendary catalog includes 18 #1 hit songs like “Forever and Ever, Amen”, “On The Other Hand”, “Diggin’ Up Bones”, "Look Heart No Hands" and “I Told You So”. With a storied career spanning over 40 years, Randy has garnered 8 platinum selling albums including Storms Of Life, Always & Forever and Old 8×10 and has been honored with 7 Grammy Awards and 10 Academy of Country Music statuettes. Randy's gospel recordings include such classics as "Three Wooden Crosses" and "Baptism", each of which won Dove Awards for Country Song Of The Year. An acclaimed singer, songwriter, guitarist and actor, Randy was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2016 and remains a pivotal figure in the history of country music.

72 thoughts on “Randy Travis – On The Other Hand (Official Audio)”

  1. Bill Aurisch

    This Man is one of the Greatest Singers ever, His Wonderful Voice goes right to the Bone.

  2. Miranda Hairston

    Takes me back to a child when me and my daddy would listen to these songs and sings them over and over

    1. Mark Willard

      It was the same for me only, it was my mother. So many songs she used to sing. Her whole family could sing. Play piano, guitars and banjos. Wonderful times.

    2. jeannie bell

      Randy’s gorgeous voice got my Dad back into music after his 2 strokes, and leg amputation. He just loved Randy ! Priceless !

    1. Jerry McCarty

      Randy is da man
      .one of my all time favorite singers..hands down…you da man randy..AWSOME

    1. I don’t know but I’ve learn to go on utube on my cell phone and download the songs I like. It’s free and you no longer have to listen to the junk on the radio. I just have songs I like in my list

  3. On one hand I love country and always will but on the other hand……there are not so many country singers like Randy to keep real ‘country’ afloat for long. Nashville is not country anymore and that’s sad.

    1. Estella Coggins

      In these troubled times, the real Country Music just grounds you. America my America, where gave you gone? Love to all from Texas.

    2. Ruth Furlow

      I don’t listen to anything past the early 90’s like around 92’. I don’t like George Strait. And from the real world of good country music willie Nelson is such a great writer and Stapleton. To bad most or all seem like they don’t have a voice or the feelings to actually connect with a song like really feel it.

  4. Stephanie ####

    I miss hearing this on Sunday mornings. Mom would wake us up to clean house & listen to 80s Country!!! They don’t make music like this anymore!!!!

  5. Ronald Williams

    When I’m having anxiety or panic attacks I can just listen to his voice and it will bring me back down to normal love this dude #goat

  6. T winkelmann

    I do believe this album and Randy’s beautiful voice saved country music. You can always recognize the greats by the 1st word or two. God bless you Randy.

  7. Nancy Duvall

    One of my daddy’s favorite songs! He would listen to a cassette tape of this in his old truck down the old dirt road!! Miss those days

  8. Tracey Riddle

    I absolutely LOVE this song , & I Love ? Randy Travis. Such a true Country Singer, who sings songs , with his heart. Love you Randy. When ever I’m feeling down , I just listen to you sing , & I know everything will be OK ?

  9. J Domonican

    I greatly appreciate the old school country music. It has that special ingredient and twang that leaves you wanting more. The words have meaning because we all lived it. At night my grandparents used to sit on their rocking chairs and listen to the radio. Those old songs would come on and that would make the evening that much better. We would have great conversations while enjoying great music. Now that those days are gone, all I want to do is listen to this style of music in a rocking chair. Good music is not just for listening, it’s for reminiscing. Stay strong and keep rocking the night away. ?

    1. @son of thunder Well, we do have SOME, but radio won’t play it. They could find trad singers but the music biz doesn’t want ’em. Can’t for the life of me figure out why – they’d sell ten times as much music if they stuck to traditional classic country.

    2. You said it right my friend. Quality music and quality times go hand and hand and never go out of style. Greatful to have grown up in a musical family.

  10. The lyrics are just awesome. He is reciting a story, a few singers ever do today…! That is why is my eternal fav… God give him strength and courage to overcome his stroke. Prayers always…!

  11. Jessica Mcgee

    My father forgot about the band on his other hand time and time again. Broke my mother’s heart so much that I learned at an early age to never let a man put a golden band on my other hand. Thank you Randy for being faithful to your promise,

  12. Eric Cooper

    Don’t forget how much How much this man provided us with some of the best country music ever in the 80s Amazing.

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