64 thoughts on “Randy Travis sings ‘Amazing Grace’ at George Jones’ funeral”

  1. God love him, my heart broke when he had his stroke. He’s always been my favorite. I love you Randy Travis!

    1. Anna Marie Polniaczek

      @Robert Thomas Blevins Cross-Holder
      I won’t say I loved George because I’ve never put my love for him or anybody who has gone on in the past tense. I do love George and that’s a fact. But he is now reaping his reward. He doesn’t care if we don’t mention him. He’s too busy singing for his Father to even be concerned with what we’re talking about here. George doesn’t need our prayers anymore. All his battles are behind him. But I do believe if he was here tonight he would be praying for Randy. And here’s my love and prayers to you Brother Robert. May our Father wrap you in His Loving Grace. ?

  2. Bob Lightner

    Quite possible the greatest voice in the history of country music. God bless you Randy, we miss you.

    1. Alex Krauth

      One of the best voices for sure! I would also put Patsy Cline and Darius Rucker on that list.

  3. Randy’s voice is one of the few that truly gives me the chills. One of the purest singers that we have ever known. An amazing talent that I hop can be heard again. I seriously pray that Randy is at least able to sing again one day.

    1. fnafplush1614

      I totally agree.He has a voice you instantly recognize.Its a very touch your soul kind of sound.

  4. John Brozovich

    You can tell a good singer by when he just has a guitar and his voice. The crowd is dead silent listening to every little sound of his golden voice. Truly amazing

    1. John, my wife and I say this all the time. The most talented singers don’t need electronics (auto tune) to make their voice sound better. Randy Travis is probably one of the last true talents. My wife says Elvis was the last. He could sing the phone book and make it sound amazing. Nobody since his passing has come close. God bless these amazing talents who chose to share their gifts with us. A man, a guitar and a chair and his pure raw sound grabs my attention and often brings the emotions to the surface, my appreciation of their talents.

  5. mtnblueskiess

    I am sorry, but I just have to mention this. There was a lot of people judging this man for an outbreak he had. No one walks in his shoes and people never know what is happening to him in his life. Medical, abuse, stress and so on. He is a human being and has been a kind man and gives us all joy when listening to his music and spreads the word of God. Pray and do not judge. Glad to see so many here who still love him.

    1. Raymond Gomez

      God tell’s us in His word that we all sin and fall short of His glory but through faith in Jesus Christ we recieve forgiveness of sins; as for all those people – including Wendy Williams- remember what Jesus said to all those people who were going to stone the women caught in adultery, He told them,” let him without sin cast the first stone.”

  6. Ryan Gillis

    Awesome job Randy!!!!! You keep fighting that fight. You have all us fans rooting for you bud. You made my life better with your music

    1. Raymond Gomez

      Through faith in Jesus Christ we have been washed in HIS blood and have been forgiven of our sins…. Thank you Jesus..

  7. This man’s voice was all that soothed me when I was in the midst of panic attacks. May God bless him and bring him back to us to sing. MUCH love to Randy.

  8. Peter Machek

    All I could think watching this was wow ! I am a massive stroke survivor myself . It will be 5 years this July , I was 56 years old when this happened to me . I admire Randy’s strength to push forward .

  9. Voice of REASON

    Damn shame about that stroke…… Man could sing!! RIP George! Get better Randy, we believe in you!!

    1. @Prof. Chaos Karma is horseshit. By the popular use and definition, merely saying “karma is coming” in the tone people use is putting a target on oneself. So ignorant haha.

    2. shawn burke

      @Prof. Chaos it seems alcohol has played a big part in all of the GREATS troubles , Jones, Williams, Frizzel, Travis, Whitley etc

    3. Scott Brandon

      @John Harbour This was not shot in 2016. It was shot in April 2013. Randy’s stroke was not diagnosed as one right away so he has lost his ability to sing and talk.

  10. This still sends chills down my spine. You can see and hear the emotion, and I pray for his healing.

  11. I am so glad that this man was able to sing this for one of his best friends. I miss hearing this voice. I pray he will recover from all of the loss he has suffered.

    1. Randy Travis

      Thanks for the comment, I hope you will never stop listening to my music… Contact me on my private email (randytravismusicgroup@gmail.com)…

  12. The best version of amazing Grace my ears have ever heard . God’s saving that voice for heaven I guess I’m jealous what a beautiful powerful voice.

  13. beareatbeets-

    Época maravilhosa que foi a do auge do country,uma pena eu não ter pegado,só nos resta recordações agr ?

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