redbone – childish gambino (joseph solomon cover)

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hey! this is my soulful acoustic cover of my favorite songs by Childish Gambino: redbone!

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42 thoughts on “redbone – childish gambino (joseph solomon cover)”

  1. Dustin Harrelson

    Dude what, you’re so good. Everything about this video is so solid, vocals, guitar, setting, angle. Love it bro

  2. Ally MacEfan

    amazing vocals but can we talk about the set up? the quality of this video? the plants? the guitar? him? his style?
    really nailed it.

    1. Coloring was spot on look at the color of the guitar has some gold so does the reflection of the sun from the flowers and windows??

    1. MagicBeatElectron™

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  3. Abed's Nude's

    This gives me chills bruh. The Voice, the song, the aesthetic…everything’s matching perfectly and it makes me feel the peace inside of me for the first time in a very long time. Thanks for that ?

  4. Caitlyn Shepherd

    That *daylight* hits like a sledgehammer every time.
    *I bet I’ve heard this cover more than the original and I’m not ashamed to say it.*
    That is straight??????

  5. Oh my god the Youtube algorithm just did me a fucking solid on this. Can I just say, not only is your voice buttery smooth and incredible and the instrumental is also delicious but shout out to the recording and engineering for this (which you maybe did yourself?) because its actually fucking flawless and I’m melting, bye…

  6. Don’t wanna kill the vibes, but my grandpop passed away 3 days ago and I’ve been listening to this album on repeat. Then I remembered your cover, it’s amazing! and it’s crazy because I’ve listened to your version several times but always end up turning it off before finishing it, but today I finished, and that “rather be with you” bit at the end just really ties everything together. Thanks for making my day a little better 🙂
    I’d love to hear your rendition of “Terrified” from that album!

  7. Joseph Solomon

    3.5 million views. To think, i really wasn’t gonna upload this video to youtube because i thought my audience at the time wasn’t gonna feel it and the algorithm would not favor it. By far the most popular video I’ve put out, and ironically also my favorite cover i’ve done. thank y’all for rocking to this!

  8. I absolutely love this. It hits me right in the feels in each note, tone and the way you play.

  9. Indiegirl007

    He’s literally just a dude with a guitar, sitting on a couch, minding his bidness. And sounding absolutely amazing.

    1. Conor Walker

      @Instills Digital I’m a producer. There’s definitely automation on his vocals. I still think it’s an amazing cover but it can’t be denied. He has a beautiful voice either way

    2. Alton Griffin

      @Joseph Solomon lol as an engineer it’s so funny that people can’t believe that there are still folks that can sing in key without the use of all the tuning plug-ins. Keep saaaanging brutha! ???
      Also I don’t think y’all know what automation even is at this point ?????

  10. Jason Buchanan

    I keep coming back to this song so many times because it just makes me feel better. No matter why the day sucked, this is my cure for a shitty day. Thanks Joseph 😀

  11. Whitney Caraway

    I remember you from college in tyler, i never knew you had a voice like this. If i would have known ,i would have had you singing all the time. Now you’re shinning with such a lovely voice.

  12. Shawn Rossi

    Broooo the transition into “bootsy collins – I’d rather be with you” was truly epic! I always listened to these songs in tandem because of the similar beat. Well done ???

  13. The smile you bring to my face when I listen to your voice is unmatched. Thank you so much for uploading!

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