33 thoughts on “Sid Sriram- Entropy (A Conscious Mind; Live Sessions)”

  1. Justin Vallejo

    HOLY CRAP!!!! Need i say more?? Haha u have such a clean and gifted voice thank u for making videos and singing from the heart sid

  2. That voice… Honestly one of the best I’ve ever heard. You gonna make it huge one of these days man!

  3. The Curly Native

    I hate that people don’t pay attention to and give this kind of music enough credit. This is real music

    1. Vishnu Sindhu Sasi

      Boy made it big in India. Working with Oscar winning composers and legends of Indian music.

  4. I have been in love with this song since it was published on youtube. This song has brought me out of some of the hardest times of life. Your voice is so incredibly beautiful, god bless!

  5. BarbieOverdose

    its 6:30 am and this song randomly popped into my head ! haven’t heard it in so long.. still very in love with it

  6. Let's Stephen It

    Dusk darkness creeping in
    Drops of rain stain clouds of white linen
    Frail paper boats of hope try, to stay afloat against the natural tide
    Starry eyed stupid, is how it all started and now it has to end

    Melancholic views mixed with saturated stereotypes (x3)
    This is the state of entropy, and all you can do is hold on

    A desperate orange as the sunsets
    And the streetlights start shining
    A desperate scream as you undress
    And these thoughts start rewinding, pleading
    Give me back my sunshine, give me back my youth
    Give me back my tears, and keep all your truths
    Confused and chaotic is how it all started and now it has to end

    Melancholic hues mixed with saturated skylines (x3)
    This is the state of entropy, and all you can do is hold on

  7. Aditya Orem

    Sid sriram I ever listen this version of ur musical lyrics…..it’s really sounds great to hear…… all the best……??????????

  8. Carmiline Vc

    It’s 2019 -you are rocking in India and America, so nice to hear your unique vocals. I thank God for your voice! Praise the Lord………….Oh! my soul…………………Wishes from Livingstone, Zambia, Africa. Wish to see you one day to hear your voice in Africa. All the best!!!!!!!

  9. you have no idea how big impact your music has made on me. Your music makes me move I wish I had found you earlier…Huge fan from Nepal…

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