Singing Hack #13 – Easy On Me by Adele

Learn How to Sing

Want to sound more like Adele when you sing? This video will teach you how to sound like Adele with easy vocal hacks.

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52 thoughts on “Singing Hack #13 – Easy On Me by Adele”

  1. Woow This is very beautiful my friend! ??You did an awesome job ? (I covered this too btw) ?

  2. Benjamin Dominguez

    Signing classes aren’t fun at all is really hard to take them because any music teacher will be hard

    1. Benjamin Dominguez

      @ReapingBennefits well let me ask you some questions
      1 do you vocalize?
      2 do you do the voice exercises
      3 does your coach make you sing the same part of the song as many times as necessary until is perfect
      And the last one
      4 does your coach ever tell you you’re doing it perfect?

    2. It helps to think of our voice as an instrument we can learn rather than judging our natural abilities.

    3. What u on about. I take singing lessons and they’re fun. At least I enjoy them because I want to get good at singing and I like singing.

  3. My vocal teacher was never rude. She was very encouraging and I was better because of it.

  4. The reason I don’t take singing classes is because I’m scared the teacher will start laughing like that.

    1. My singing teacher always laughs at me. It’s coz I’m bad lol I don’t care I find it funny too

  5. i’m convinced all of these tiktoks are just for these professional singers to flex their singing ability

    1. essennagerry

      @I MP I don’t know the muscle groups and muscles so I can’t visualize it. I don’t understand what the damage would be. I’m a first semester linguistics student, I’ll ask my phonetics teacher about it if he is kind enough to indulge me. Thank you for taking the time, although I still don’t have an answer you’ve given me some keywords to research. I might come back with more questions. 🙂

    2. @essennagerry well the swallowing muscles are there to close and rise the larynx so the food doesn’t get into the respiratory system when eatting. They are not singing muscles. Trying to sing when those muscles are engaged put pressure onto the vocal folds. If that presure is too much and it’s done day after day (people who use the voice in their work like teachers or singers) can develop nodules. For the other part there is the lack of engagement of the thiroaritenoid mucles, if they are not active and their function is replaced by other muscles they will get weaker and weaker and the voice will become less present, more breathy or raspy and if the engage the swallowing muscles to compensate the voice will become nasal and small. Because the dapth and resonance of the voice come from the proper adduction of the vocal folds by the engagenent of the Thyroaritenoid muscles and the enlargement of the pharyn by having a low larynx position. There are variations of this since for contemporary singing it’s not that important to have a lot of depth and resonance. But that and complitelly constricting the voice are not the same thing.

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  6. elena is elena

    Her: it should be 80% air and 20% tone
    Me: okay lets do it
    Me: *does it
    Also me: ….. nope i think for me 100% of silence would work

    1. Ashley Reynolds

      I really want to like this comment but I don’t want to be the one to ruin the “666” likes count…

    2. @Ashley Reynolds I liked it not noticing the like count and then unliked it to keep it at 666

  7. Amukelani Ngobeni

    That laugh broke my heart and shattered whatever confidence I was trying to master. I’m not even a singer ?or learning how to sing. But it stings

    1. Gemma Sugrue

      Ya … I’m a big meanie. Guys. This is a skit. It is highly unlikely that this scenario would ever occur in real lesson.

    2. I know what you mean, it hits close to home. I always like to believe the instructor isn’t reacting this way internally, but we have to learn somehow! ?

  8. Lilac Luisa

    I’ve had so many music teachers and none of them ever made fun of me even when my voice cracked

  9. Madi Hood-Styles

    Just a random note to everyone coming across this video: it’s not normal or okay for a vocal coach/professor to laugh, ridicule, or yell at you! It should always be a safe and encouraging environment with constructive criticism ? this tik tok is obv just a sketch and for fun but this doesn’t normally happen in a healthy setting :))

    1. Kemery Kreates

      It also depends on the coach-mentee relationship dynamic. I’ve been with my coach for 2/3 years and we’re really comfortable with each other, so I’m okay with being laughed at, as a joke. I think as long as it isn’t hurtful and you’re expressly comfortable with it, it’s okay.

  10. For context, I’m a classically-trained violinist.
    A lot of people are talking about how she’s laughing, but I really appreciate how precise she is in her corrections. And honestly, if the student is supposed to know what they’re doing and they’ve overcome the learning curve, then they should be able to laugh at themselves and how they sound too. I’ve laughed at myself plenty of times when I screw up, even in lessons, because it helps loosen me up and not take it as seriously (which means I actually play it better.)

  11. i just started taking singing classes over a month ago and idk if it’s my teacher or the environment of the class, but i just LOVE going, i’ve always been too shy to sing in public but when i’m at my clases i just feel safe and have so much fun

  12. MushroomLord

    I remember I took singing classes for school and the teacher was terrible. She didn’t laugh or anything she just basically gave no feedback what so ever and just made me sing through songs and that’s it. And then I had one lesson with another teacher who was instructing for the band I was in and within 30 minutes he gave me more advice on my vocals and ways to improve than the other teacher did in a whole year (he’s not even a vocal teacher either)

  13. Anastasia Bruno

    I actually found a very good Vocal coach .She is so kind and at the same time I am improving a lot and tells me ofc my mistakes but she doesn’t laugh at me. So Guys don’t give up you will find the one good for you
    And guys I love singing much more now I also love the exercises even though they are hard, because they are helping me to get better

  14. Tanya Botha

    I can promise all the people leaving comments of heartbreak and ruin that no, she won’t ever actually laugh like that, ever. It’s for comedic value. The lesson comes after that, for free, to practice alone in your shower. Have more confidence in yourself. I have had to learn to love my voice and her videos taught me not to take myself so seriously ?? Your voice is awesome

  15. This is my first time hearing the song, it’s 1am and I had to be very quiet but after hearing how she first did I tried it. Hah, I did almost what she was supposed to be doing. I’m really trying to get better at singing and controlling my voice, I think it’s going pretty well! Just today I figured out I can go a little deeper than I thought I could, I’ve been able to go deeper and louder lately, I’m proud of myself!

  16. Xavianna Smith

    When I learned the song it was actually really easy for me to get the notes I sing it in my tone but I can also sing the notes the way they’re supposed to go which is really crazy because I’ve lost my high basically because of this pregnancy but I really love this song

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