Singing Hack #9 – #Beyonce Halo

Learn How to Sing

Learn how to sing like Beyonce, get tips on how to use your head voice and improve your pitch.

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47 thoughts on “Singing Hack #9 – #Beyonce Halo”

    1. Ariana grande. She’s crazy talented but every song sounds exactly the same, riffs and whistle notes. That’s it

  1. Maryann Villarreal

    Cracking up but gurl ur just awesome….ur very talented and get my attention every video..I’m hooked…movie time some time I’ll watch you

  2. Nicole Bunac

    I chose to sing this song at a voice training recital when I was around 9-10 years old. I wish my vocal coach at the time taught me this because this riff was the hard for me to do.

    1. Sebastian Torres

      @Kaci Leigh “coordinating air flow, vocal fold closure, and vocal track shape more efficiently” at least that’s what she says in the video ?

    2. Rebekah Webster

      I used coffee stirrers
      I just know that it’s an effective way to warm up without tiring your voice out and being too loud depending on your surroundings. Just sing/hum through it with air flow that you can feel around the straw and your lips not too tense

    3. i use to use a juice straw. will borrow one since i lost mine. had a very thin diameter which means greater resistance

    4. Charlie May Films

      Did you watch the whole thing? What they’re holding during the oath isn’t the straw it’s the container for it, they show it at the end

  3. HANA's Stars

    I always struggle to do the “didn’t even make a sound” part. Nothing came out at the “sound” although it’s a sound -_-

    1. @Miss B i’m probably starting too low but i also think might be that the note is a bit too low for me

    2. I’m terrible with terminology but based on the feel of my body when I do it, I would say it lies somewhere in your transition between head voice and throat(?) voice or something. Or perhaps not switching at all and trying to do it all in head voice even though “sound” is low on that last syllable. Th voice is much easier but I use head voice right up until “a sound”, which is when I lower the singing to my throat with a tiny half beat exhale between annunciating ‘sou’ and ‘nd’. Sorry if that doesn’t make sense, I wasn’t sure how to explain it but wanted to help.

    3. Eileen Snow

      @Jay9that’s possible. The way your vocal folds work, you can always increase your range upwards, but you can’t deepen your lowest note.

    4. i found it ! i found what i was doing wrong !
      tongue placement !! tongue should be forward so your throat doesn’t close up (and you can actually make a sound lol)
      here’s the link to the short that helped (just remove the space) :
      youtube .com/shorts/3nKKXjeO3qo?feature=share

  4. Ooo my friend showed me something similar.. it was sooo hard vocalizing my air through
    I was NOT expecting it to be that difficult xD

  5. Henry Pires

    I don’t understand. Can someone explain how this works? What the singer is supposed to do with the straw??

    1. Pretty Disabled

      I’m not sure. I think it helps with warming up and breath control.

      “As with other semi-occluded vocal tract exercises, singing through a straw is a great way to work on breath control. The narrower opening not only makes the air stream tiny, but it also gives you great aural cues for when you’ve just blown out all the air and deflated.”

    1. Avianna Reign

      Yes I can’t do riffs and runs and I feel like that would elevate me to sounding like a decent singer if I could like My singing I sound like I should be on Broadway or something just because I can’t do riffs and runs or theatrical singer

  6. Can you do that one line from Mean Girls “Someone get’s hurt” with the really hard “It’s Fine!!”?

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