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Singing Tips 101

Just Getting Started? Singing Tips 101

If you are rather a newbie to the realm of music you are going to love these singing tips.

They are simple, easy to understand, and you can certainly do them with a little practice.

So, put aside some time, jot down some notes and be prepared to practice exactly what you’ve discovered.

These strategies and ideas for new singers will certainly be well worth the effort.

What can singing lessons do for you?

First, taking singing lessons can do more than just give you hints on how to improve your vocal techniques.

When performing in a public venue, these lessons and tips in singing can greatly improve your stage presence.

Singing Anxiety?

It would certainly not be so enjoyable when you get nervous or if stage fright comes creeping in when it’s time to go in front of your audience. The fun of singing can quickly disappear.

Singing on a stage, facing people from all walks of life is way different from singing in a choir in front of church members.

Even artists backed by a live band sometimes get nervous, because all eyes are on the singer.

Below are just some of the tips you can get from experts when you take singing lessons.

Always Prepare!

It’s like being a boy scout/girl scout once again! Be prepared! It is important to be always ready and well prepared whether you are singing at the local cafe or doing a solo at the music theater.

In order to ease fear and anxiety, total preparation can help you greatly and it can go a long way. Fear can actually cause your body and throat muscles to tighten, which will impact your singing.

Sing until you’re satisfied with the song

You ought to practice your music until it becomes second nature to you, and several singing instructor will agree along with me.

This will reduce the chances of forgetting the lyrics, and allow you to ignore band mistakes or music mix-ups.

In addition, you should always start with stretching exercises and voice warm-ups before a performance.

Have Vocal Confidence

The more singing lessons you take, the more confident you will feel. Confidence is a powerful feeling that can carry you through almost any event.

The only way to become more self-assured in your singing is by practicing and doing vocal training & exercises to build strength and power.

Think of your stage presence in the same way. Your demeanor should tell your audience that you are really happy to be there, are ready to entertain them, and can handle anything that comes up.

Use your microphone the right way!

The microphone can greatly enhance the impact of your singing performance, hence it is considered as a singers’ most effective tool.

When you own the right microphone and learn to use it properly, it becomes a voice enhancer, allowing you to connect even more along with the audience.

Test the microphone before each performance. Try holding it in your hand and sing to it directly.

It’s important to know how far from your mouth you ought to hold the mic, and how to set it on the stand and remove it.

Use a single hand to hold the microphone. Avoid moving the mic from hand to hand, as the movement can create a nervous feeling.

Back to the training

All those lessons a performer learned a year ago seem to be forgotten as soon as he walks on stage.

Maintain your vocal training techniques on stage, such as standing with good back posture, using your abdomen to produce quality notes, and staying on pitch. For instance, standing up straight will open up your respiratory system and allow for more breath support when singing, while using your abdomen helps you keep your pitch in check.

You can move but keep your posture

Don’t get too creative when moving around the stage but it is a great idea to not stay stationary in one location for the entire song.

When we say “creative”, we meant don’t imitate Elton John jumping from the piano trick – you will most definitely fall down and embarrass yourself.

Always remember to maintain good singing posture and keep expressing yourself physically when appropriate.

A smile goes a long way

Above all, as the song says, keep on smiling! This will not only energize and connect you to your audience, it will warm up your facial muscles too! So, always wear that smile on your face.

Now that you’ve learned a bit more about becoming a vocalist and singing on stage, you are ready to take your vocal abilities to a higher level.

There are plenty of fantastic vocal training courses online you can take like Singorama, among others. See the Singorama details here.

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