Can Anyone Learn How to Sing Well?

Singing Types – 5 Quick Singing Types You Can Try at Home

singing typesWant to take your musical ability to the max? Learn about the different singing types. Singing is a great way to express who you are.

Whether you want to be a professional singer or sing only in your home or at small gatherings, you should discover your true singing type to maximize your performance.

This article will explain 5 different singing genres. You can decide how or whether you will use them all.

5 Singing Styles to Expand Your Musical Horizons – Are You a Copycat Singer?

Don’t try to copy the singing style of everyone else. Allow your voice to flow naturally and choose songs that feel natural to you. Here are some singing styles to compare.

1. Getting Started with Classical Singing Types

Classical singing styles include opera, lieder (small recital type singing with a piano and singer), and oratorio (orchestra style concert).

Classical music is enjoyed by a broad audience, both young and old. It’s a soothing type of music that inspires the mind and warms the heart.

If you feel that classical singing is your style, you will need to be prepared for many years of training before actually performing.

You should train your voice and tweak your vocal expressions of the English language as well as other languages (for opera). You’ll also need excellent music reading skills to master this type of singing.

2. Gospel Singing

Gospel music and singing is a unique category that includes a variety of styles blended into one category. For instance, you might sing primarily hymns, which are typically classical by nature.

Or, you might sing blue-grass type gospel music. There’s also folk-type gospel. Gospel can also be sung with a number of instruments, from the guitar to the piano to the violin.

3. Pop and Rock Singing Types

Pop and rock music is usually categorized as fast and energetic with a singer and band.

For this style of singing, it’s recommended that you have a voice trainer that knows the industry and can help you develop your unique singing voice.

You should be prepared to make a lot of contacts and perform in front of a variety of audiences before becoming a professional singer.

4. Country and Western Singing Styles

If you have a strong southern draw that’s noticeable in your singing, you might consider country/western music.

This singing type is just what it sounds like – country. It entails a wide variety of songs, from slow to fast, from brawling to soothing.

Country singers are often known for their “whining” voices. Is this your style?

5. Jazz, Blues, or R & B Type Singing

Jazz singing types encompass a wide variety of songs and keys. Often, jazz singers just “wing it and sing it” while singing.

They pick their own keys and songs and add their own special “touch” to the music or singing. It’s typically laid-back playing and singing that relaxes the listener.

In the professional realm of music, however, you may need to seek voice training. Blues and R & B music is similar to jazz, but has a hint of folk music and often tells a personal story.

More Types of Singing

Other singing types include cabaret and theater, which often go along with other shows and performances.

develop singing typesI hope you enjoyed this tutorial about choices in singing types and will find ways to increase your vocal abilities.

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Choose your singing type today. You need to develop your singing style to get started on the road to a successful singing career!

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