singing with allergies

Singing With Allergies – Don’t Let Allergies Keep You From Singing

Are you a vocalist who constantly battles allergies in the Spring & Fall? Well, join the millions of other singers who share this affliction. Of course, singing with allergies poses no problem

– unless you are a performer!

This post helps find solutions to this problem. And, you’ll come away with a better understanding of how to sing with allergies.

Just to enlighten you, in my many years of playing in groups, I’ve sang with..

  • sore throat
  • flu
  • allergy & sinus outbreaks
  • poison ivy on my (guitar picking) hand
  • even once a few days after surgery!

Truth is, when you become a performer, you find very few “excuses” for not showing up. Am I right?

So, in this free singing lesson online, you’ll learn the art of how to sing with allergies – although it can be a challenge.

This is a common problem among singers, professional and amateur alike. So, read this before entering local competition or performing on stage.

Your performance might depend on it. But now, that stuffy head won’t stop your music performance.

singing with allergies

How to Sing with Allergies – Is Singing with Allergies Possible?

Allergies are a very common problem, especially in the spring when the pollen counts go up.

And, anyone who likes to sing has probably noticed that it is really hard to do so when they are suffering from allergies.

The reason singing with allergies is so difficult is because allergies tend to cause mucus to build up, as well as causing throat muscles to swell.

This means that singing with consistency is much tougher.

However, it is possible to do something about it.

Singing with Allergies? A Professional Can Help

First of all, you should see a doctor, possibly and ear, nose, and throat specialist to see what your options are. They can recommend medications that might help you, without causing side effects to harm your ability to sing.

Plus, your physician or specialist might offer other ideas to try, minimizing your allergy symptoms,

So yes, singing with allergies is still possible.

When you control your allergy issues, you won’t have to miss any important auditions, talent, or karaoke contests that you might have been planning to enter.

A good voice instructor might also help you out. They can suggest breathing techniques or other singing tips for improving voice consistency.

Sometimes, practicing these techniques will be enough for mild cases of allergies. Of course, you still need to take good care of your throat.

The Home Allergy Remedy for Singers

There are some home remedies to help with the allergy symptoms that plague you. And, these solutions could help make singing with allergies possible.

Some helpful home allergy relief includes…

  • herbal teas
  • steam baths
  • drinking lots of fluids
  • and taking vitamin C.

Some of these home solutions have proven effective. So, give these a try and see if any of them work for your symptoms.

With that said, whatever you do, be sure to take good care of your throat and not strain it.

Take advantage of the tips above and you will soon be singing with more peace of mind – regardless of whether or not it’s allergy season.

Professional singers aren’t sidelined by allergies. So, learn what you need to know about singing. Then, do what’s required so you can sing better during allergy season.

It might take some trial and error. And, allergies can be tough to beat. But eventually, you should be able to find a solution that works for you.

No More Straining for the High Notes, Anxiety on Stage …

I hope this segment and video tutorial about singing with allergies helped you conquer your issues. And, I wish you tons of success for your vocal career.

Singing with allergies
Singing with allergies

Now, don’t let those allergies stop you from performing your best.

Remember, allergies make up just one of the challenges singers face.

Truth is, many beginners (and some professionals) also face the challenge of controlling their singing voice. Are you among this group?

If so, check out the complete singing course student have been using for years.

It’s called Singorama and I highly recommend you try it out. This vocal program can change your confidence level and keep you singing with confidence! Click the link below to read my full review..

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You’ve already learned some about how to sing with allergies. Now, it’s time to take your vocal skills further! BTW, check out my gift offer on the review page above. – Bob

18 thoughts on “Singing With Allergies – Don’t Let Allergies Keep You From Singing”

  1. Thanks so much for all the information and knowledge, Mark 😛 It is great
    how high notes help to reduce swelling. ^.^

  2. Ilovetosingem

    Well Mark, thanks for the content, the best I’ve seen on the net, so thanks
    for that. I was actually searching for: Why am I able to produce lower
    notes when I sing with a cold but can’t produce them normally. My bottom
    note is usually F and today I can go to Db. Any info would be great.
    Thanks again.?

  3. I am having constant throat issues…itchy throat raw throat and feels like
    super dry and little lubrication. I also have sinus headaches several times
    a week. I sing professionally for about 5 to 6 hours a week so I need help.
    I take antihistamines on some days when I don’t sing and I think think may
    be worsening it. Is there a product out there that I could take up on stage
    with me or take before a performance to aid in lubrication? ?

  4. Hey Mark

    Just thought I’d comment as I’ve recently discovered your videos. Your
    videos are the easiest to understand by far and delivered in an easy to
    visualise way.

    I love singing, or at least I used to.. I write music and love music, but a
    mixture of allergies and medical conditions and a lack of vocal coaching
    make it difficult for me. I get sore throats from the allergies and
    medications anyway, but I think my singing technique is the main problem. I
    cannot relax and overthink too much. Relaxing my throat muscles while
    singing, especially as I climb up my already poor range, seems impossible
    and im not sure if im breathing correctly.. I feel i am, im not lifting the
    shoulders.. But its hard to know if someone isnt there to correct you..

    Maybe its because I’m thinking of singing as too much of a different thing
    to speaking. I have excellent ideas and write many songs on my guitar, but
    feel my voice wont do what I want it to 🙁

    Regardless, Your videos are excellent! I just wish I could have one on one
    lessons! ?

  5. Your Voice Studio Edinburgh

    It’s getting to that season again where lots of singers are suffering from
    #allergies, here’s some sound advice on #singing if you’re struggling!?

  6. Hope Benedict

    Thank you for this! I’ve considered giving up singing because I’m pretty
    much never symptom-free, but I’m going to give this a try.?

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