Sizzla Kalonji Best of Greatest Hits{Reggae Conscious & Culture Vibes} mix by djeasy

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Sizzla Kalonji, or simply Sizzla (born Miguel Orlando Collins, 17 April 1976, Kingston, Jamaica) is a reggae musician. He is one of the most commercially and critically successful contemporary reggae artists and is noted for his high number of releases.[1] As of 2014 he has released over 70 solo albums

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Sizzla – Holding Firm
Sizzla – Be Strong
Sizzla – Thanks And Praises
sizzla – weakheart-rks
Sizzla – make it secure
sizzla – free up di herbs
Sizzla – Chant Dem Down
Sizzla – Live it Up
Sizzla – Where Are You Running To
Sizzla – give them the ride
Sizzla – Take Myself Away
Sizzla – Commandment
Sizzla – Taking Over
Music – Sizzla Azanido
Sizzla – Blessing
Sizzla – Homeless
Sizzla – Life
Sizzla – guide over us
Sizzla – babylon a use dem brain
Sizzla – I Wonder (I'm Not Sure)
Sizzla – Dreams
[Sizzla] – Woman I Need You
[Sizzla] – – Simplicity
Sizzla – one away
[Sizzla] – Bless Up
sizzla – big and bold
Sizzla – Freedom Cry
Sizzla – The Solution
sizzla – give thanks to jah-jah
sizzla – life-sizzla
[Sizzla] – Got It Right Here
Sizzla – Good Ways
Sizzla And Bredren – Healing Of The Nation
Sizzla – Can't Cool Can't Quench
Sizzla – Love Is Divine
Sizzla – Worlds Of Truth
Sizzla – Worthy to be praised
Sizzla – Babylon Homework
Sizzla – Jah Blessing (ft Luciano)
Sizzla – One Love
Sizzla – The World
sizzla – protect us and bless us
[Sizzla] – Just One Of Those Days
[Sizzla] – Mash Dem Down-
sizzla – no one
Sizzla – Ain't Gonna See Us Fall
Sizzla – People Need Love
[Sizzla] – Thank You Mama
sizzla – give me a try
Sizzla – In This Time f. Luciano
Sizzla – Praise Ye Jah
[Sizzla] – Solid As A Rock
sizzla – rise to the occasion
Sizzla – Really And Truly
Sizzla – Rastafari Teach I Everything
Sizzla – True God (No White God)

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29 thoughts on “Sizzla Kalonji Best of Greatest Hits{Reggae Conscious & Culture Vibes} mix by djeasy”

  1. Joseph G. E Okello

    I’ve read comments on every great artiste’s site….no praises like sizzla’s…he has the most loyal fans you’ll ever meet; and all for the right reasons

  2. Bobby Thomas

    There was none greater than sizzla, and there is none greater than sizzla, that makes him the greatest of all time.

  3. Great mix this artist has some amazing stuff is catalogue is massive and impressive great mix i certainly enjoy listening to

  4. Blessings to Sizzla and those who share his beliefs of Love, Community Upliftmemt & Peace according to the teachings of The Most High.
    If you’ve never been to Judgement Yard, please put it on your bucket list.
    The SIZZLA FOUNDATION is doing great things for the youths.

  5. Sizzla you been holding it down with some CLASSIC?MUSIC ? over the yrs, my fav. Simplicity & Rejoice ?????

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