Southern Gospel Revival: Jamie Wilson – I Can’t Even Walk

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Written by Colbert and Joyce Croft in 1975, "I Can't Even Walk" has been recorded many times but remains an elusive "diamond in the rough" in terms of popularity. Jamie is one of the most versatile musicians that graced these recordings and we see her doing what she does best; she found this song and put together an arrangement that places it second to no other.

The roots of Southern Gospel reach back to a time when singing together was a way of life. People would come from miles around to join in song, and be a part of something that was bigger than each individual could ever be on their own. It was a real community of both Faith and music.

As an homage to that community we wanted to create a modern take on traditional Southern Gospel heritage. We asked musicians from a variety of genres, styles and bands to come together for a Revival of Southern Gospel Music.

The recordings are available to watch below and are for sale on iTunes and Google Play. All songs were recorded live in single takes with no overdubs and all heart. We hope you love them.

You can find out more about this project and other videos by visiting:

56 thoughts on “Southern Gospel Revival: Jamie Wilson – I Can’t Even Walk”

    1. Ansiro Desetta

      AMEN!!! I am weak where HE is strong, HE is the distributor of my strength,my finances,and my health….. Without HIM we are all helpless. And isn’t it a blessing to realize this? In the NAME OF JESUS

    2. The liar & most pitiful really shoots Himself in the foot., over & over. Be it the thorn in my side, tho not Gods plan.., every hangover i am humbled enough to learn an new agapae loving lesson or ten, each & every time. Praise our AWESOME Lord & Father always

  1. OGSpaceCadet

    My dad used to sing this song when I was growing up. He was a very proud former Marine who had been raised in a Christian home but didn’t think he needed God to be a real man. It took some very serious events in his life to bring him literally to his knees, begging Jesus for help and strength, when he was nearly 40. From then on he’s been one of the Godliest men I’ve ever known, in the truest sense. I wish I could find another like him, but they just don’t make them like that anymore. Parkinsons has robbed his beautiful voice, but I can still hear him singing this amazing song that he swore was written just for him.

    1. Randal Groover

      OG, there is no such thing as a former Marine. Once a Marine always a Marine. God Bless!

  2. This song brought me back to God. I wasn’t expecting it either but he made himself very clear to me in the car. I started singing this song just because I knew it. The Lord saw His opportunity as if He said, “alright here’s my opening”. His overwhelming presence filled the car and completely took my breath away. The voice of the Lord spoke in my spirit, “Can you deny me now? Can you say I’m not real now?”. In that moment I’m taken off my feet and start saying, “I have so many questions and nothing of this makes any sense” and the Lord said “We will take care of that later, Just come home.”. I broke down completely. But his spirit blanketed me and it was so warm and filling. My eyes are welling just recounting the story. It was power that I’ve never experienced.

    Edit in Oct. 2022.
    Ive seen some responses asking how its been since this post. Today I am proudly married to a beautiful apostolic wife with two adorable little girls. My wife and I are heavily involved in the works of God. I am heading a ministry in the drug rehabilitation community, and in music. She is an awesome director of sign ministry and leads our youth through worship. We both work the altar speaking faith and healing, laying on holy hands. We are witnessing our community grow in Christ and are so excited to see what The Lord has in store for us. Please keep us in your prayers as we seek His wisdom for the future. God bless you.

    1. @Belinda Lilac well hello. I’m just now seeing these responses haha. I’m involved heavily in ministry and helping recovering addicts in the community. I have two baby girls and a wife who loves the Lord and is a servant of the Kingdom. We are both involved in music ministry where I sing and she interprets through sign language. Our family attends every single service Sundays and Wednesdays, and we attend weekly prayer service, and we are in the altar every service and praying over others in intercession. We are hungry for more, and we understand our family has a calling to go deeper in our walk and in our ministries. We are just waiting on Him to tell us where to go or to lead us where we need to be to make sure that happens.

      As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.

    2. Brenda Pretty Weasel

      God is so amazing. He knows us and truly speaks to us even if we think we don’t need him. Been sober 44 years now, I’m now 71 yo. I love him so much

  3. Patrick Bennett

    I Love Jamie’s rendition of this song. She is so talented and I love her voice. So much feeling and sincerity there.
    I tear up everytime I hear this.
    My Lord Jesus has Saved me eternally, yes; but in this life He saves me often from my butt-headed self.
    Nothing more wonderful than being His child.

    1. I could listen to Jamie sing from a phone book. And this song always anchors me back to the reality that my life has been by Grace and Grace only. almost 50 years sober living a life I could never have dreamed possible when I got on my knees and asked Jesus to take over my life.

  4. James Monroe

    Jamie I keep going back to this incredible gospel song and all of you singing it and playing it so beautifully. It’s just an incredible piece to listen to by all of you.

  5. Steve Sharkey

    As person in recovery who struggles with the God concept, this song just changed my life.
    My Higher Power brought me here. I am shedding tears of Joy.
    Thank you.

    1. Michele Mcguire

      That higher power has a name above all names his name is k n ow him as Jesus christ

  6. John Tetrick

    This song really put me in my place ??. I got sober and clean 5 year’s ago. And the frost time hearing this was so so! True for me Thank God ? for JESUS ??. God bless all

    1. The Beauty of Nature and Animals

      That’s fantastic John! Thank you Jesus who can break every chain of addiction!

  7. I just recently been saved. After 40 years or so. Want to spread the word. Thanks for the music. Inspiring.

  8. Mickey Morris

    I realize this was 6 1/2 years ago. Jamie Lin and Courtney are still my favorite female singers of all time. I really wish they’d do about a 20-song album of all these great old gospel songs. They are awesome!

    1. I’ve been searching for more gospel songs from them myself! I hope they make an album or 2 someday as well!

  9. Faith Brewer

    Amen! I can’t even walk without You Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, thank You for 1st loving me ?

  10. Suzie David

    My favorite from these sessions. I love this group of musicians. They are some of the best anywhere.

  11. Chico Courtes

    I was having a pretty rough morning but then I looked this song up and just the most indescribable peace fell upon me. I know the source and the way my head felt, it wasn’t intoxication it was the “new wine.” To the people that put this together I hope you guys are still reaping the blessings from this amazing work.

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