Southern Raised Performs “What A Day That Will Be” at The Mansion at Fontanel

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Southern Raised sings "What A Day That Will Be" at the beautiful "The Mansion" at Fontanel previously owned by Barbara Mandrell, in Nashville, TN.

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Filmed by: Billy Brown of Evidential Productions

52 thoughts on “Southern Raised Performs “What A Day That Will Be” at The Mansion at Fontanel”

  1. Jimmie Ortega

    I sang that song when my mom passed 30 years ago in Spanish n Everytime I hear it in Spanish or english it just makes me Soo happy knowing that one day I will c my mommy again thank u Lord

    1. Marta Altheide

      Jimmie Ortega
      Thankful that God gives us believers such hope at all times, as long as we do not take our eyes off
      of Jesus.
      Blessings dear brother.

    2. Aamie Angel

      I would love to hear that! My husband is Hispanic and I love introducing him to the music I grew up on in his language ?

  2. Rhonda Boncutter

    This is an old song, seldom sung at church, unless you live down south! Sang this as a kid! One room church, loved growing up in those Southern Churches!!

    1. Emmaly Ghorley

      @Gary Thompson I as well had this played at my moms funeral . Only bc I remember her singing if a few months before she passed with a smile on her face like she was full of peace . And at the time nobody had a clue she didn’t have long before it was her time to go home. We also sang this in our one room church growing up . Where my mother washed my feet and I hers. The church my grandfather helped rebuild to where the little church could have power. I remember using the out house and drinking from the spring. The church I belong at and I still tend today. Salem baptist church in Jasper Georgia. If anyone can relate to my story please give this reply a thumbs up. God Bless and spread love like it is going out of style. Kindness matters.

    2. Willy's Performance Cycle Center

      We still sing this song in here in East Tennessee; Churches of Christ, (A Cappella).

  3. Beautiful people and beautiful singing, nothing like singing for the Lord! God bless them even more!

  4. Arlene Bowers

    Who can dislike this precious song? I ask y’all? To HIM be the Glory forever and ever! And yep I be Southern from my hair roots to my toenails. Proud to be 8th generation Appalachian Girl, from Southwest Virginia!

    1. Atheists and people that don’t like folk music? I don’t believe in god but I sure like folk music haha

    1. danyboy otto

      Only those fools will not admire on this songs whose praiaes and honor to GOD who has prepared a glorious paradise to everyone who trusted in him.Praises to GOD!

  5. Donna Fuller

    Nice to see such young talented strong women making something of themselves in an non worldly way. Very inspirational. Thank you for the musicians and the singer’s who made it come together so beautifully. It was delightful to the ears. Praise be to God. Amen.

    1. Jon Heckendorf

      Donna, you said what’s in my heart. These Christian kids are wonderful. I’ve been listening to this group for several years now and YouTube has just now started to reveal to me their earlier works. They are wonderful now in 2022 and just as talented back in 2014. Heart warming perfection.

  6. Real Christian Music Channel & Exhortation

    These old hymns have survived the test of time and will out last any “christian rock” song for sure.

    1. Johnny McCann

      it’s the older songs that breaks a man’s or woman’s heart to where they come to the old fashioned altar. a broken and contrite spirit. seeking salvation and freedom from the bonds of sin . don’t take me wrong I love also good southern gospel music. but you can see all the videos of these big names and I’ve yet to see someone come forth to be saved even when they were performing in churches on video. let’s face facts most people coming to that are going to see the show especially if that church charges addmission . iam not trying to sound mean about it . there’s churches out there with the show going on and the spirit hit you and you go to shouting and testifying the wound escort you to the door because your interference is messing up the show . and it won’t be tolerated. i guess I’ll get some ugly texts but it’s true many churches won’t let Jesus in the door. nana and papa the little country preacher says you think about that.

    2. Donnie Gray

      While I do agree about the longevity of the old hymns, there’s no thing as “christian rock”. W are told to “come ye out from among the world, and be ye a separate people.” how can we be separate (set apart) if 3we are blending in with the crowd? There’s a whole sermon and lessons on it, but this isn’t the place for debate. I enjoy listening to SR and they’re doing a fine job. God has blessed them. In turn, they bless others

    3. Eric Phillippe

      @Donnie Gray That is a TERRIBLE exegesis of Scripture. That verse refers to the inward bent towards sin and selfish that unredeemed humanity has. It certainly is not referring to a “style” of music…which is largely a matter of cultural tastes. Even Bach had people in the church saying his music was demonic when he first wrote it.

    1. Amen. I know I’ll be there. Not for anything I could ever do, but only because of the blood of Jesus.

  7. Chuck Bowen

    Went to see my brother yesterday and sang this song to him. The Alzheimer’s has taken a lot from him but I got to hear that old laugh and got an “Oh yeah!” out of him. For a few seconds I had my big brother back.

    1. Wayne Grobler

      Thank you beautiful people.. such joy in your amazing voices.. .yes! what a day that will be. Oh my goodness. ????????? come LORD.

    2. Judy Colson

      ??? I lost my brother to AZ last year. Through it all, it was remarkable how we could still reminisce about the good old days. He remembered them well. ??

  8. Victoria Sellers

    The music I listened to sitting at my grandma’s feet when life was so much less complicated- that introduced me to my Savior Jesus Christ

  9. David Hammock

    This song a blessing and it’s going to be the glorious day for everyone who believes the song tells it all

  10. Edward Moore

    That’s a beautiful anointed song, Glory to God that will be a wonderful day and it’s not to far away amen !!!

  11. Elaine Moser

    Beautiful! Sang it my mama Memorial service! I know I will see Jesus and my precious mom again soon.

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