Teach Yourself to Sing in 10 Easy Steps

Learn How to Sing

Master Your Voice Complete Singing Course:

Introduction: 0:00
Tall posture: 2:19
Breathing: 3:41
5 tone count for males: 7:29
5 tone count for females: 8:09
5 tone Gug for males: 11:41
5 tone Gug for females: 12:00
1.5 octave ooh vowel for males: 13:52
1.5 octave ooh vowel for females: 14:11
1.5 octave Gee for males: 15:49
1.5 octave Gee for females: 16:18
Octave repeat "Nae" for males: 17:49
Octave repeat "Nae" for females: 18:15
"ee" vowel vibrato for males 19:29
"ee" vowel vibrato for females 9:58
Singing songs (replace exercises with words): 20:26

Have you always wanted to teach yourself to sing but had no idea where to start? I mean let's face it, private lessons are expensive! And the truth is that many singing students are learning to sing online now.

In fact, I've had many students who taught themselves how to sing. So, I wanted to make this video so that you can learn to teach yourself to sing in 10 easy steps.

In my years of teaching students, I've taught a lot of students who have started by learning to sing on their own. This is a great approach, since it's more affordable and you can teach yourself on your own schedule.

However, there are some singing techniques that make learning to sing much easier and faster. In this video today, I'm going to show you how you can teach yourself to sing in 10 easy steps.

The first step in teaching yourself how to sing is to use tall posture. Bring your feet to shoulder-width apart. You'll notice that your hips are also shoulder-width apart so that you have a straight line between your feet, hips and your shoulders. This is the tall posture.

In the second step, you need to learn proper breath control. In this case, breathing from the diaphragm is the best breathing for singing. Breathing from the diaphragm simply means that as you inhale, your diaphragm contracts, which expands your belly. My favorite exercise for improving your breath control is to Farinelli breathing exercise. In this exercise, you're going to inhale for a four-count, hold for a 4 count, and then exhale for a four-count. This is a fantastic exercise for improving your breath control.

The third step in teaching yourself to sing, you need to learn to sing on pitch. Unfortunately this is probably the hardest thing to do when you're learning on your own, so you're going to really have to record yourself and listen for where you get off pitch. In this exercise, I'm going to give you a very simple scale so that you can learn to sing more in tune. We'll sing the five tone count, where you sing a 5-tone major arpeggio, but you replace each note of the scale with the words 1 2 3 4 and 5. As you're doing this exercise, make sure that you record yourself so that you can tell where you're getting off.

The next step in teaching yourself how to sing is learning how to project your singing voice. Projecting correctly just means that you're able to sing at a volume where you could be heard in the back of the theater, without straining your voice and without whispering. One of the easiest ways to learn to project is to start a by speaking the words first, then applying that same speech level sound to your singing voice.

The next step in teaching yourself to sing it is to sing in chest voice. Chest voice is the name for the range of notes at the bottom of your voice. In this exercise, you'll sing a five-tone gug as in the word gutter where you replace each note of the scale with the word gug. You’ll notice that this gug gives you a lot of chest voice.

The next step in teaching yourself to sing is learning to sing in head voice. Head voice is the name of the range at the top part of your voice. In order to find your head voice, you're going to sing a 1.5 octave scale on the word “ooh”, like oops.

The next step in teaching yourself how to sing is to sing in mixed voice. Mixed voice is the combination or blend of the chest voice and head voice together. There are lots of great exercises to help you do this, but one of my favorites is the 1.5 octave “Gee”, where you replace each note of the scale with the word “Gee” as in geese.

The next step in teaching yourself to sing is to learn how to belt. Learning to Belt means singing with a strong volume on the high notes in your voice, without straining. In this exercise I'm going to give you an octave repeat bratty “Nae” as in nasty.

The final step in teaching yourself to sing is to learn how to sing songs. Unfortunately songs are very difficult to sing because the vowels, consonants, Dynamics, and Melody are always changing. So when you're first learning how to sing, it can be great to sing songs on a friendly vocal exercise. So if the exercise “Gee” was working well for you, and then sing The Melody of the song on the word “Gee” and then go back to the lyrics. You'll be amazed at how much easier it is to sing.

56 thoughts on “Teach Yourself to Sing in 10 Easy Steps”

  1. Sanidhya Acharya

    7:30 singing in pitch
    13:55 head voice
    15:55 mix voice
    Reminder for me?
    Wish me luck?

  2. My best friend is an INCREDIBLE singer and I’m trying to learn to not sound like a dying goat so that when we sing party in the USA together I don’t sound so bad ?

    1. Emiliano Jr. Dumalaog

      Well, at least you have a unique voice. A dying goat? That must be very intense. Looking forward to your singing career…

  3. Just here For fun

    This is absolutely incredible I don’t know what happened but after I did the pitch exercise I was able to sing so many different notes on pitch and I freaked out this was so helpful thanks so much

  4. Importance of Feedback – 1:21
    #1 Posture – 2:01
    #2 Breathing – 3:20
    #3 Sing on Pitch – 5:56
    #4 Learn To Project – 8:36
    #5 Sing in Chest Voice – 10:42
    #6 Sing in Head Voice – 12:27
    #7 Sing with Mixed Voice – 14:45
    #8 Belting – 16:45
    #9 Vibrato – 18:43
    #10 Singing Songs – 20:24

  5. Teach Yourself to Sing in 10 Easy Steps
    2:05 – Posture
    3:22 – Breathing
    5:57 – Sing on Pitch
    8:36 – Learn to Project
    10:42 – Sing in Chest Voice
    12:30 – Sing in Head Voice
    14:45 – Sing with Mixed Voice
    16:50 – Belting
    18:42 – Vibratto
    20:25 – Singing Songs

  6. Lochdeek Youtuber

    Timestamps of exercises
    Tall posture 2:19
    Breathing 3:41
    5 tone count (pitch) for males 7:29
    & females 8:09
    Not an exercise but a tip 9:15
    5 tone gug for males 11:41 &
    Females 12:00
    1.5 octave oo vowel for males 13:52 &
    Females 14:11
    1.5 octave gee for males 15:49 &
    Octave repeat nae for males 17:49 &
    E vowel vibrato for males 19:29 &
    Females 19:58
    Singing songs(replace exercises instead of words) 20:26

  7. Most singing tutorial videos I’ve watched have been really hard to learn from but this one is actually really good! Thanks ?

  8. I’m Scardeu

    Tips that help a little:
    – warm ur voice with a piano (select notes in order and if the note is higher so make ur voice, when the pianokey gets lower so ur voice), do this for 5-10 minutes, u can choose

    – U NEED to relax those shoulders (i know at first its hard, but not impossible) , also breath deeply before singing relax, sit straight, and when singing ONLY move mouth, u dont need to move all ur body ( when u get better u can move more) finally find a comfortable position.

    -DO NOT restrain yourself if u try to sing low it wont work (im not saying u need to scream), but u get it. ( I KNOW UR FAMILY MAY BE THERE) so close ur door thats all, if u have siblings get them out the room.

    -also very important, find ur type of voice, sing with normal tone, so u find what works for u (if u do find, it will be easier)

    – DO NOT IMITATE THE VOICE OF UR FAVORITE SINGER, i know because i went threw the same thing, it gets easier when u sing WITH UR VOICE

    – once u think ur ready, try doing karaoke to easy songs u know

    it took a couple of days but i got better, i hope u too

    1. esc studios

      @Ramsey Voice Studio
      Wow good customer service
      That’s great he replies to comments.
      Yes many channels basically abandon their viewers.
      They don’t care about viewers / commenters.

    2. One thing I noticed is that I was imitating the sound of my favorite singers, so instead I’m not imitating the technique of them

    1. You are absolutely fabulous!!! I’ve been following you for a while, and you are the best teacher besides Cheryl (I may be getting this wrong but the well known singing teacher across all platforms). You are a close second!!

    2. Boo Boobidou

      Exactly !!not only he knows his stuff ,he also has the gift to teach it to others in the right way !!

  9. Naomi Figueroa

    Literally such helpful tips. I use a mixture of things I’ve learned from over the years and college and these videos to help my own students now! Thank you for these amazing videos!

  10. I just started to learn to sing as a new hobby and didn’t have a clue on how to start because couldn’t find an explanation for the theory, but then I found this video and I’m grateful!! I didn’t know what a mixed voice meant until now! Thank you!

  11. Bella Rose Music

    THIS IS INCREDIBLE! Studying music and starting to teach myself and this has taught me so much!! Thank you!

  12. I really love that you left in your bloopers while talking instead of relentlessly cutting and mixing to make yourself sound perfect and scripted like so many other YouTube channels. You come across so much more personable that way & it makes this video feel like a conversation, not a lecture, which is so awesome for learning. I work on a lot of videos pre and post production so I just wanted to say that, it’s amazing to hear someone talk naturally and imperfectly to their audience and be so down to earth and willing to teach as you are. I learned so much! Thank you for the video

    1. Ramsey Voice Studio

      I’m so sorry for the late reply, you can see plenty more “moments” on my Saturday live streams!

  13. Taquisha Georges

    New subbie ? thank you so much for this very simplistic, fun, and thorough tutorial ? This is beyond helpful! My friendly note is the Gee ? lol! I watched many singing tutorials because my greatest desire is to learn how to sing ? I know if I continue watching these AMAZING videos of yours I will attain my goal ?? thank you so much again, you’re beyond talented!! ??

  14. spritzpistol

    I’m loving your tips, I feel much more confident with just these to practice to sing in earshot of my family. Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful talent with the world.

  15. WildAlbaLass

    A beginner guitar player her aged 63. Now I have to learn to sing too. Having grown up in a household that humiliated everyone ( but one ) who sang means this is a real discovery for me. I thank you for your encouragement and inspiration. Love to you n yours from Scotland ???????

  16. Mr. Youtuber

    Brother love you i never thought i had singing talent thanks to you now i love my voice… if i ever make big time i will mention you always for being my teacher i wish i met you sooner…..

  17. Truth & Surrender

    Most easy to understand video for learning to sign I have come across. Everyone makes it complicated. Thank you

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