These Harmonies Are INSANE!

Learn How to Sing


From bass, baritone, tenor, alto, mezzo, soprano and the original melody, Scott Hoying does a stack of harmonies that will blow you away.

Today, I react to a Scott Hoying singing "Talking to the Moon" by Bruno Mars from TikTok…

33 thoughts on “These Harmonies Are INSANE!”

    1. Fortunately this is a breakdown and education for many people who don’t know about scales and pitch changes.

    2. @Daipayan Karmakar and most of the time it’s rude when someone integrates with a comment as well. ?

    3. ConanGrayChild??

      @Daipayan Karmakarit’s called a reaction for a reason ? if u wanna watch the guy sing watch the actual video, not the reaction

  1. trvp nate vapes

    So I think this is hilarious because he’s reacting to Scott from Pentatonix who isn’t just a vocalist but a vocal coach so it’s a vocal coach reacting to another vocal coach lol

    1. Christina B

      He’s not tho…he’s in an a cappella group (pentatonix) but not coach and has gone on record to say he wouldn’t be a good vocal coach. So not sure where you got that info from

  2. James Aditya

    Scott always does the awkward middle child note when they’re harmonizing, and it’s something you won’t truly appreciate until you single out his part.

  3. Frank Marshall (Goodt Graphics& More)

    I have that kinda range too never thought to do something like that ?

  4. Coach coaching Coach? Is that a thing now? Or is it COACH-ON-COACH!

    I’m feeling a little… “COACHY”!

    I don’t know which was better. Watching Scott turn up… or run up the scales. Or Ramsey getting super excited Scale after scale. (In my best Borat accent… “SO EXCITE!”)

    I know one thing, as always Scott “scaled” that fence!

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