These Whistle Notes Are INSANE!!!

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Whistle register is the highest singing register in the voice. But it's very difficult to find when you're first starting out.

Today, I react to Isabella Kensington, a young woman singing chest voice, head voice AND incredible whistle notes from TikTok…

39 thoughts on “These Whistle Notes Are INSANE!!!”

    1. The quality though, as a male I can go higher than that but it doesn’t mean anything because it sounds like sht lol.

    1. Jimmy-Steven Biemans ?

      Lol, there is a guy from Kazakhstan called Dimash Qudaibergen who sung a D8 live on a stage. Humans are much more capable of doing the assumed impossible than they think they can ??

  1. gerbilgal20002000

    Just so you know, the singer here is Isabella Kensington and she is amazing. She needs to have credit here!!

    1. MrDizyspell

      Yay someone that actually gives a ish ?for us lost folk that have to comment slide to get actual info

  2. Anthony Wang

    Insane, like it’s so amazing how you can tell that even hitting those high notes she is still relaxed and isn’t straining her neck to hit those notes

  3. That takes so much relaxation to even go that high, so it is incredibly challenging! I wish I could do that, but damn I absolutely love her voice!!

  4. If I appreciate everything that is obviously great in life am I a “coach” too? Me saying “Now that was a well executed quadruple flip”= Gymnastics coach.
    Me saying “this steak was cooked to perfection!”= Chef Coach…..etc….

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