These Whistle Notes Are Perfection!

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Whistle register is the highest singing register in the voice. But it's very difficult to find when you're first starting out.

Today, I react to Sophie Morelli, a young woman singing chest voice, head voice AND incredible whistle notes from TikTok…

41 thoughts on “These Whistle Notes Are Perfection!”

  1. You should react to more of her. She did bad romance whistles that went even higher and were absolutely incredible.

  2. Bro knows how to read music notes through sound… a true legend

    ( I know lots of people can do it, it’s just cool to me. )

    1. Jace Wilburn

      Reading music notes through sound? Music is sound and so are the notes. He isn’t reading music because reading music is looking at sheet music.
      He is using relative or perfect pitch to identify the note, Not reading it. Sorry if this sounds serious but I hope it helps you

    2. Lots of people cannot do it, assuming he has perfect pitch that is very rare. and impressive.

    3. Timoti Morrison

      He watched the video first and the note is on the top. I doubt he picks ups random whistles notes just from a random scale. One note at a time at relatively normal pitches sure. We sing them often we might memorize a couple of clean notes, but picking up a sequence like that in an unusable range, no way.

    1. Yeah I got that one classroom that has to be next to the toilets, so all you can hear is just whistle notes

  3. As someone who knows nothing about singing, I thought she was screaming in the first few seconds of the high note.

  4. Me trying to harmonize with this AS AN ALTO:
    My ears and brain: “no we are gonna make you match her voice”
    Anyone else has this problem when trying to sing with someone youre brain makes you wanna match their pitch?

  5. Love Nest Nurture

    Why hasn’t she appeared on the voice or smth.. OK I HAVE TO ADMIT IT SHE HAS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL VOICE AND SHE IS SO TALENTEDDD AAAA ?

  6. PlugLife ENT.

    That high note saved her she had little control on the low end the vibrato was super fast almost pitchy at the lower end u can tell she wanted to get to that high part asap

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