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Top 5 Easy Songs to Sing

easy songs to sing
easy songs to sing

Do you love to sing? Do you sing in the shower – or on stage? Take a quick look at the top 5 easy songs to sing so you can croon to your heart’s content.

They range from “Blue” to “I Wanna Hmm..”

..and I know you’re going to use these tunes over and over again.

Enjoy, and leave your comments below.

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Here is a quick list of easy songs to sing from number 5 to number 1:

5. Blue

4. I Will Survive

3. TR Al Al Al Song

2. Rondoudou

1. I Wanna Hmm..

Easy Songs to Sing? I Don’t Know

easy songs to sing
easy songs to sing

I hope you got the same laugh I did out of these.

Not sure if I want to sing these songs, no matter how easy they are!

Heck, I’m not even sure you’d find them on iTunes.

Maybe we’ll find some better ones next time.

Till then, keep on singing! – Bob Pardue

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