University of Alabama Million Dollar Marching Band 2021 SEC Championship Stand Tunes

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The University of Alabama Million Dollar Band including the world famous Crimsonettes (majorettes) and Color Guard

27 thoughts on “University of Alabama Million Dollar Marching Band 2021 SEC Championship Stand Tunes”

    1. 1049berkeley

      @Gracie L YES, VERY WHITE, GRACIE….now rush on down to meemaws and hear stories about the good ol’ confederacy days

    2. @1049berkeley You rush on over to the Antifa riot, if you leave now maybe you can light something on fire!

  1. 318lovejones

    Looking at this band it’s no wonder they have such a high recruiting class every year. ???

  2. maryfaithpeace

    Thanks for this – it’s like coming home!!! What a pleasure to see the band & all behind the scenes. Awesome!

  3. Fred Wheeler

    Thank you for this, we sit in U3C at home games and love the MDB. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to sit with them and this is pretty close.Roll Tide!

    1. Grace Puckett

      I rooted for yiu giys and Georgia both because I wanted too I remember you guys really well because me and my friend Ireland key used to watch alarms

  4. I can’t imagine taking this from
    this University that has come
    so far from It’s dark past.?

  5. Long Long Honeymoon

    Fantastic upload. MDB makes the gameday experience! This is the first time I’ve experienced the middle of it.

  6. thelastpatriot

    FACT I noticed that the Cameraman during the SEC Championship kept panning back to the Bama Dance Team constantly….. And who could blame him……Give the cameraman a raise.

  7. Eagle Rider

    If you ever get the chance to go to a Bama home game get there early . Walk the commons not just for the tailgating but watching the band do warm ups is sections is a show by itself .

  8. I love this. My daughter plays tenor saxophone and it makes me so proud to see her playing in this. Thank you

  9. Philip Smith

    Thank you! I love the marching bands that we NEVER get to see at the game. I think that is probably because of advertising and the bs that comes from the mouths of the hosts for the game. Take credit CBS because I watch on your network.

  10. Gwen Margaret Towne

    The Million Dollar Band indelibly marked the University into my soul in 1975 when I opened my window at Tutwiler and heard them practicing the fight song!

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