Vocal Tutorial: Happier Than Ever – Final Phrase

Learn How to Sing

In this vocal tutorial, we show you how to sing the final phrase of the song "Happier Than Ever" by Billie Eilish in a way that is both powerful and rules.

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29 thoughts on “Vocal Tutorial: Happier Than Ever – Final Phrase”

    1. Gemma Sugrue

      Hi Rolando! Thanks for your feedback. Ya, it’s not great. But I think it illustrates how to apply the technique to that phrase. Here to teach not to impress x

    2. Hummin G. Bird

      @Gemma Sugrue I love how respectful you are with people who can’t return it. Also, your voice is extremely pleasant to listen to. I would love to hear if you have any covers.

    3. @stanner This doesn’t make much sense. Whitney Houston, Beyonce, classical/broadway singers have amazing vocal technique and tone while belting. Good technique brings good tone

      ETA For example Kristin Chenoweth and Sophia Anne Caruso have nasally voices but their belting still sounds full and poweful.

  1. Andrea_Vlogs

    Okay serious question, i feel like I should know this tho considering I sing professionally but when ur singing how’s the accent just “??????”

  2. Sano Manjiro

    Can you please do the hight note in memory of your scent cover by jeongin? I really tried to do it so many times but i failed

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