Voice Lessons for Beginners [Vocal Exercises Included]

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-Aaron Anastasi

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74 thoughts on “Voice Lessons for Beginners [Vocal Exercises Included]”

    1. Dream_Walker

      That’s why I’m home alone ?
      edit: and why a vocal dampener is on my Christmas list-

    2. TheHot Baker

      Heck yeah… When I tried the Brrrrrrrrr exercise.. my mom was like.. “Why the hell are you riding a mouth bike?”??

  1. R y x u k i i

    Me in Quarantine: I wanna learn to sing
    Also me:i wanna have abs
    Me again:i wanna learn korean

    1. Yeah but that’s probably because it’s partly the person imagining their voice sounding a different way and it’s easier to sing at a lower registry and quietly

  2. Katelin Taylor

    Thank you for this! I have been singing in church since I was 12 and I am told I’m very good, but I have recently wanted to get better! I have a natural talent and I’d love to develop it further.

    1. Omg same AHAHAHA one time I was singing and she asked “are you trying to sing” I got scared and said “no” (even tho I was trying) and she said “good”. Glad I’m not the only one ??

  3. Sarah Flanigan

    I’m glad everyone’s on the “I’m going to learn to sing during the pandemic” boat together

  4. I’m a musician (I play guitar and piano) but have always been frustrated because I can’t sing for my life (my voice is naturally very deep so I have a very small vocal range) so I would always just be playing songs without any vocals. It’s always been my dream to start a band. I have decided that I’m finally gonna do the work and improve my voice as best I can. I’ll come back and comment here if I ever start a band and sing in it.

    1. Ewi creations ?

      @John Smith don’t give up cause u have the actuall spirit in you cause u atleast wrote something down here and that caused many of us’es motivation and we tried also.. so just have try, cause then in future u won’t have to regret towards it that u hadn’t even tried in past when you actually had the time.. and btw it’s not too late to start a new thing.. so have a try, not for just I’m telling you that’s why but for your own good . So all I can say is don’t give up, u still have time and just have a try.. forget that what u have done I the last year, forget all the tentions and start your own story of being one of the best musician, singer in your world, for yourself..
      I’ll reply you later as well if u’ll reply that u’ll just have a try on it ? so bye. Have a good time ??

  5. I always do the humming exercise whenever it’s the day I have to sing for my audience. I love it bc it gets my voice all warmed up and it calms me down from being nervous, which is completely normal especially for beginners

  6. Keeperof Themountain

    I had a stroke. I used this technique to retrain my voice. Now I speak and sing better than before the stroke.
    This really works.

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