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Voice Relaxation Techniques – 3 Steps to Relax Your Voice


In this vocal training lesson online, Brett Manning explains his three easiestĀ  voice relaxation techniques on video forĀ singers.

This tutorial helps get the voice to be more flexible and relaxed for singing. So, now you can sing more relaxed and with more emotion starting today.

voice relaxation techniques
To sing better, learn how to relax your voice.

Brett Manning’s Top 3 Online Voice Relaxation Techniques

Watch and learn these warm up techniques to help you to hit the high notes and enjoy relaxed, speech level singing success with Brett’s help. Watch and sing better!

1. Vocal Fry – This constitutes the lowest vocal register.

To do this technique, start with the initial vibration of the vocal cords. Take pressure off by taking the vocal cords a little higher with a slow transition.

Do this exercise until your vocal cords feel connected at different pitches. You’ll get better at this with practice and time.

One point to remember: Don’t over-practice or sing in this register too often. It is not the best for vocal health.

Voice Relaxation Techniques
Learning Vocal Relaxation – Photo Copyright BobPardue.Com

2. Light Edge – This warm up exercise is used to coordinate your singing voice.

The break of the voice takes pressure off, but keeping the voice level and holding notes in place can prevent those dreaded “squeaky breaks” in your singing.

Let your voice shake a little and allow it to be free to move up and down in various notes.

3. More Freedom with the (NG) Sound – The resonance track needs more freedom in singing.

This is a relaxed speaking level (closer to talking) to make singing easier and more relaxed.

Experiment with these three warm-up singing exercises. Then, check out other Brett Manning singing videos as well as his Singing Success course if you want to learn to sing better from start to finish!

Another great vocal training course I highly recommend is Singorama. The price is lower but it’s packed full of tools & info you can use to improve your singing voice.

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Quick Tip: When You Relax – Your Voice Does Too!

Relaxing your voice is critical to becoming a better singer, don’t you agree?

But, if you take some time to relax your body and mental state, you relieve stress. And, this leads to a more pleasant singing experience.

So, pamper yourself occasionally with an activity (other than singing) you enjoy.

  • Soak in a hot tub
  • get a professional massage
  • or re-read a favorite book.

Any small, relaxing indulgence will do. You don’t have to go overboard.

Many great singers take on outside interests just to relax and enjoy life. For instance, I recently read a quote from Mariah Carey that caught my attention. It simply says..

“I arrange flowers in my spare time. Well, when I have spare time, that is.”

So, even with her frantic schedule, Mariah finds some time to relax and enjoy. You should too!

As a vocal athlete, you need to regard your body with the same respect and attention as a professional or Olympic competitor. They don’t practice all day; every day.

Practice Voice Relaxation Techniques!

To sing better in the shortest time, start a daily lesson schedule.

Here’s one final thought. Remember, nothing works unless you are willing to put in the time needed.

This is not difficult to learn these vocal relaxation techniques if you practice.

If you start yourself on a daily lesson schedule (or at least every other day) you’ll be singing the high notes with ease.

The voice relaxation techniques for singing better are just a small part of this blog.

Although you’ll find plenty of singing tips, you might consider the full course. You can find all the details in my review. Just follow the link below and get started as a better singer today.

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Okay, you’ve learned a bit about voice relaxation techniques. And, you know what it takes to begin. Now, it’s your turn! – Bob


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