When Artist Don’t Know What to Sing About

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When singers don't know what to sing about!

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54 thoughts on “When Artist Don’t Know What to Sing About”

  1. he makes vids like this not realizing that he sounds better than most artists.
    Edit: I just wanna thank everyone who has liked and will like bc my friends think im cool now:)

  2. The beat hit so hard joe biden fell of the stairs
    (edit: Thank yall for all the likes! im cool now ?)

  3. Aubrey Jackson

    can you please drop a full song this is fire i love your music and your voice its so enjoyable please make this into a song

  4. theREALnizzle

    I’m actually mad he doesn’t make full songs and albums. He’s definitely way too talented to be stuck on YouTube making shorts

    1. I know he needs to make an album also I’m guessing he’s gonna make a Spotify cuz in his description on one of his videos it said Spotify coming soon

  5. Ronish Soubam

    Bro I’m telling you, you are fire. I want to see you winning the Billboards and Grammys.

  6. Devabrat Das

    Did he just made this amazing tune by himself?!!!
    The voice..the harmonies… damn baby.. it’s has a vibe ????

  7. Abdurrochman Hamim

    Tbh this is not my kind of music. But man, the talent here’s overflowing. Keep it up man

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