53 thoughts on “When your MOM catches you singing…??”

    1. Before this video:

      Her: Mom can you come in and act like you caught me singing

      The mom: ok I got u “ yoohoo”

      NO HATE

  1. Mia ? and Minnie ?

    Me: singing in my room
    My family: SHUT UP
    me: screaming in my room
    My family: now that’s what I like to hear!!

    1. Good voice are u working to become a singer if not I think u would be perfect for it its a beautiful voice I also love singing especially in the shower

  2. Her: doesn’t feel or hear her mom next to her
    Me: hears every footstep that my family takes

  3. ?????????????

    Her: doesn’t hear from right next to her
    Me: I always feel like.. somebody’s watching me…

  4. I get super embarrassed knowing my family hear me sing but they are always super proud ??

  5. Call_Me_Rue

    ???this is so me when my mum catches me dancing ???

    You got real good pipes btw… Top notch?

  6. {-Dune’Star-} 7/9

    Everyone : *listening to her singing*
    Me : *getting hypnosed by the “hair goals” on the brush*

  7. Her:*Doesen’t notice her mom and just keep’s singing with her beatiful voice*


  8. It’s funny how she didn’t notice for a long time- LOL but, I LOVER HER SIGING IT IS SO BEAUTIFUL

  9. ?? ?????? ???? ????

    You’re voice is amazing ,the tiff’s and runs are superb ,usually when I song in my room my mom tells me to shut up ?

  10. • Neik0 ,,!

    ” so cute ”
    ” Oh ! Thank you , OuAhhH ”
    ” so ,.. good heh .. 🙂 ”
    – poses ” cutely ” –

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