Who the heck is he?!?!?

Learn How to Sing


Every singer wants to hit higher notes.

In this video, I react to Mike Yung performing Sam Cooke's "A Change is Gonna Come" live in the subway.

He can belt high notes in a way I've never heard before…

51 thoughts on “Who the heck is he?!?!?”

  1. Mike Yung has supported his family for years singing in the subway. He deserves so much more. Incredible, unique voice. Love him.

    1. ?@Chumekia Roach He got all the way to the end. He was one of 3 people left. He was also on tour with AGT for a while. He surprise me and also song at my 65th Birthday. He is a beautiful person and a kind heart and he’s my friend.

  2. Cathern Campbell

    Somebody give this man a record deal today put him on stage so we can all see him! I literally have a Goosebumps

    1. @MALAKAH Banath YASHARAHLA yeah that’s the problem with the shows like AGT they want you to sing and be beautiful also it’s f——-Ed up. That’s the truth ?

  3. Julia Boyce

    That’s Mike Yung, l know him in personally. He’s singing from his soul, his emotions. His talent & gift is literally through the roof. Wishing Mike all the best. ?????????????

    1. Rosine Alessi

      @Moto Phone he maybe is in trouble and strugling …? Did you think of it ? Dont you think sonhe would bé happy ti record and have more money for more wellbeing .

    2. @Rosine Alessi that’s exactly the problem…people assuming money or a record is going to be the end of problems vs the start. Pay attn to what’s going on.

  4. That’s pure raw emotion not just a bb4! He hasn’t learnt music… he’s found music to express how he feels!

    1. ??totally ?? raw emotion- a pure natural singer- and the word singer doesn’t even express the emotion coming from his depths

    2. Olga Romanoff

      He must be on the same 23rd trail station waiting his talent there. Does ant body from the music business can go and get HIM!!!!

  5. jasmine greene

    He’s amazing someone needs to locate this man and sign him to a record deal !!!! Fabulous !!!!???

  6. Brought tears to my eyes. Why doesn’t someone give this man his well deserve. People celebrate singers that don’t have half the talent this man has. You can feel the emotions. Singing from his soul. Would pay to listen to him. God bless him.???

    1. I agree ?. A lot of what the world calls famous singers nowadays have no where near the talent this man has. Awesome job sir, I hope someone will hear you sing and it will open a door for you. ?

    2. He’s too good and he’s not a pretty boy that really has Zero talent except appealing to the young girls. He is Amazing and unfortunately no one cares except a few like us. I’m praying that he would have some success in his life. May the Lord be with him.

  7. his voice gave me chills n made me ?…. whew…. somebody get him off the streets so he can know his greatness

  8. Sharon Easter

    A star is born! No on sings from the soul anymore. He’s singing from the bottom of his soul and l love it! God bless him ?

  9. I love his voice I would love to hear more from him, keep singing my brother I love this ????????

  10. Mytea Living?

    Mr. Mike Yung has a beautiful voice to be reckoned with indeed! He has been on AGT & chooses to sing in the subway & left a low paying job decades ago to do so full time for those concerned & has music out already so look him up & support. Be well!? Go king Mike! ?


    He has been singing in our New York subway for over 30 years. He has now been contracted and now travel across the globe. This song is definitely his testimony. Surprisingly one of the judges on America Got Talent didn’t think so.


      @Denise ….she really don’t and the look on her face while he was singing spoke volumes, I will find the video and post it here.

  12. Regina Delahoussaye

    I wish someone would have found out who he was and channel him to the right people
    To help him with his singing career. He is so good!

  13. Damn. His whole family sings and I bet half the breath he’s used in life was in song. Amazing

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