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Yes, You Can Learn How to Sing High Notes

Are you a baritone or tenor? Soprano or Alto? Either way most people would like to have more range in their voice. This video teaches how to sing high notes without straining your voice. I believe you’ll find it very helpful. With practice you can add to your vocal range and sing higher notes with ease.

Discover How To Sing High Notes Without Straining

“In this video vocal coach Roger Burnley teaches you how to sing high notes without straining.”

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Learn How to Sing High Notes – Video and Voice Lesson

You are on stage, well at least in front of the family, and you are singing one of your favorite tunes which just happens to include some tones at the top of the scale.

You’ve had it! You are finally determined to learn how to sing high notes notes and develop a sound in your voice you’ve always dreamed of – This video will get you started..

Secret to Singing High Notes

First, you need to totally relax. A tense voice is not a good starting point when learning how to sing higher so do this step first. Close your eyes, do some deep breathing exercises and imagine yourself in a tranquil place. When your body is completely relaxed – then start singing your warm ups.

Go from the Top to Bottom of Your Voice

With vocal chords relaxed, start at a high note and do a complete walk down to a very low note – without straining your voice. Repeat this several times going right through your break point ( you know where this is). The video demonstrates this very well.

Short Vocal Bursts

Now that you have practiced this several times, do the same method by singing really short bursts. Sounds a bit like a dog barking, doesn’t it? Well, learning how to sing high notes this way seems absolutely silly at first.

But, before you call me crazy and give up, give the lessons a chance. The recording artists know how to sing properly don’t they? Believe it or not, many of the major country, pop and gospel singers in the recording industry use this very method to warm up their voices. — Not so silly anymore, is it?

Fact about Learning How to Sing High Notes

Taking into consideration this might be your first time of getting exposed to a singing video lesson of this nature, remember that the stars do not just have fun all week and step onto a stage on the weekends.

Also, they do they walk into a recording studio without taking good care of their voices, doing breathing exercises, and vocal warmup procedures such as these – most likely every day or two. And remember, they are already stars!!

How to Sing Notes Higher? Do – Then Repeat

how to sing high notes
how to sing high notes

Lastly, keep in mind that there is nothing in this world that will help you learn how to sing high notes notes than practice. It’s just a necessary fact of life for a real vocalist.

If you plan to go any further vocally than where you are right now, set a schedule – daily is good but three times per week is better than none.

You’ll get to the point when you will not risk losing your voice by not warming up gently before singing.

Take care of your vocal chords and you’ll be singing higher notes in no time at all! When is the best time to start? Now, of course!

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